Tablet or stylus to take notes

  Superplay 23:29 09 Jun 2018


I'm new at this fantastic website about technology and I hope to be here a lot of time. Of course I'd like to participate as much I could :)

Well, some days ago in my job I realized that we use too much paper. I mean we have to make many budgets for customers about specific things we create... I would like to save paper because if I fail writing/calculating (using Tipex or crossing out waste time or fill space) or the budget is discarded, paper run out easily. So I think in buying a tablet or a stylus for my iPad 4 (or for my tablet Nexus 7) to take notes and save it for consulting or remarking or correcting them.

Firstly I've though about iPad 2018 32 GB (not so much expensive) because Apple Pencil, but I've read that Apple Pencil is not as precise in iPad2018 than in iPad Pro (although I want it only for writing). What do you think? Could I have a good experience writing in this iPad?

Secondly, I've though in a stylus similar to Apple Pencil for my iPad 4 (is bigget than Nexus 7 so I suppose is more comfortable). I've found Bamboo Fineline 3, I can save money at this case but I don't know if the experience is good (you write and everything appear fast not 20min. later in other place of screen) and I don't know if you can touch the screen with your hand (for me is uncomfortable writing without touch a surface).

Third option was reMarkable but if you see the price... your hands are going to cover your face and you'll shout to the air... I think that for this device, it's better an iPad (even an iPad Pro).

Finally, I've though and I've found eWriters (cheapest option) but they don't have memory and many disadvantages I think.

I don't know what to do... What do you think?

Thank you and sorry for my bad English.

Best, Estanis.

  wee eddie 15:27 12 Jun 2018

Devil's Advocate here!

How many loose leaf Notebooks, Pens & Pencils could you buy for the cost of a Tablet & Stylus which, of course, has an ongoing cost of Charging and Updating?

  Superplay 22:21 12 Jun 2018

mariroma,that's right! I have a Note 8 and is fantastic its stylus, but it's a bit small for what I want. Anything similar but bigger and good price?

wee eddie,yeah! But you avoid throw away a lot of papers because fails, have a lot of notes/budget which take up a lot of space... So I think is a good change.

What do you think about: 1">[click here

  Superplay 00:45 01 Jul 2018

At the end I bought and iPad 2018 with an Apple Pencil and I'm very happy :)

Thank you for your help.

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