Tablet Memory Question Gemini GEM Q9909

  The Teacher 21:21 03 Sep 2014

Not sure if this is in the right place but....

My other half has the above tablet and she has inserted a 16GB Micro SD Card to boost the memory. What she wants to do is to be able to download games etc., to the SD Card rather than the tablet memory itself. However there seems to be no way of changing the settings on the tablet in order to do this and has the tablet memory is pretty full, and what can be moved to the SD Card has been moved, she is now unable to download games or apps as they try to download to the tablet itself which rejects the download for "insufficient memory".

I have had a look in settings, memory etc, and can find no way of changing this. As I don't have a tablet myself, and personally wouldn't touch an Android device I can help her no further, so does anyone know how to get apps etc, to download to the SD Card please?


  The Teacher 22:56 03 Sep 2014

Thanks for that, but not really much use to the problem of getting the downloads to download direct onto the SD Card.

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