Tablet got very hot on charging

  bumpkin 22:38 08 Jul 2014

My Grand daughter has a 7inch tablet, just a cheapo, part of her Xmas pres, she is 4yrs old. It got lost for about 2wks and when found I charged it overnight with the original charger. When I picked it up this morning to unplug the charger it was so hot that I had to put it down. Totally dead now but can anyone suggest what may have happened.

  morddwyd 10:04 09 Jul 2014

Anything getting really hot , too hot to touch, on charging usually indicates an internal short circuit.

There may well be a thermal link inside as a precaution against fire, which has now melted.

Either way it's a new battery, which is usually not quite so simple on a tablet.

  bumpkin 11:14 09 Jul 2014

Just tried it again and it gets extremely hot after just a few minutes charging. Make is Adspec android 4.2. I have Emailed the manufacturer/main distributor and await their reply. I don't expect too much from cheap products but would have expected it to last longer than it has.

  spuds 11:14 09 Jul 2014

I purchased a 'cheapo' tablet last year and had a similar problem. Checking on the internet, I thought it wiser to bin the item before disaster occured.

The other evening there was a programme on television about Southampton docks, and consignments of computer gear arriving there on a daily basis. Very surprising results were coming from some of the consignments that were being checked and had all the UK/EU safety marking, yet the item proved very dangerous, especially were serious fire risks were concerned with faulty electrics and manufacture.

If you want a replacement, then Argos might be worth a look due to price reductions on a range of well known make tablets, including interest free payment offers!.

  BT 17:26 09 Jul 2014

..I charged it overnight with the original charger..

Most tablets shouldn't take more than 2 - 4 hours to fully charge depending on the battery capacity.

  morddwyd 20:18 09 Jul 2014

Don't know about that BT.

My Galaxy Pro 12 takes a good overnight charge, so did my Nexus 10 Lenovo and a 7" Galaxy.

Even my phone won't charge in 2 hours!

  bumpkin 21:04 09 Jul 2014

My 10in tablet charges in about 2hrs but the one I am having trouble with has always taken a lot longer, maybe faulty from the start. My phone is best left overnight also an old laptop. I would imagine it is down to battery quality or age but morddwyd's are not cheap stuff so I really don't know.

  BT 08:08 10 Jul 2014


As I said it depends on the battery capacity, so obviously a higher capacity battery will take longer. You can get a rough idea of the charging time by dividing the battery capacity by the charger output.

I have a Galaxy Tab 2 7" and it will charge in 2 - 3 hours from about 20% remaining. Also my Nokia phone (not a Smartphone) and my small Li-ion battery powered camera charge in a couple of hours. All of these with original chargers.

Really the only things I have that take a long time to charge are my Engine Starter power pack, and my rechargeable high power torch, both of these have sealed lead/acid batteries which by their nature take a long time to charge.

  spuds 11:03 10 Jul 2014

Regarding battery power is a good topic, because we only need to see some of the developments of that industry, possibly more so in recent years.

Most people I would assume, still cannot understand how using a product for say a maximum of one hour or less, takes a recharge of perhaps 12 hours before that device can be used again, not taking in cases of 'super fast charging'. And even then you are are not sure if the battery was charged properly.

I have often had rechargeable batteries get very hot when charging, and ever time I think of a fire hazard or whether more harm is being done than not, for letting the charging method continue?.

  bumpkin 11:43 10 Jul 2014

Just tried charging it again, no sign of life whatsoever, not even a charging icon. Part of it too hot to touch after 6mins so switched off.

I have had a reply from the manufacturer 1.24am asking where I bought it so I will see what transgresses.

  morddwyd 20:36 10 Jul 2014


I've obviously got poorer quality electricity than you!

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