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  Bethy87 16:31 01 Dec 2014

I have recently bought the Samsung Tab S 10.5 I am in need of some help in clarifying a few queries I have. The questions are around storage / downloads etc.

My main aim is to keep my tablet as ‘clean’ as possible, any downloads etc. I would want to put on to an External hard drive (MicroSD?).

I have two questions relating to this:


· Can I download films straight on to the MicroSD? I would like to bypass the tablet completely and save it straight on to the SDcard as I feel like even though you can ‘move’ the downloads on to the MicroSD from the tablet they have still been downloaded on to the tablet in the first place.

For instance if people delete things in their computer an expert can go in and find it again, say the police were investigating someone they would be able to bring up deleted files on their computer etc.


· I would like to download programmes from the BBC iplayer app etc. for viewing at a later date. Am I correct in thinking that I will not be able to use the MicroSD in this case as they are only available inside the app itself. You can’t download it to the device / MicroSD card as you will therefore be by-passing their 30day access rule. So am I right in thinking there is no way around this as you have to go in to the app to view the programmes you downloaded, therefore this will stay on the tablet.

· If I watch a programmes on the BBC iplayer live (streaming?) will this still download something on to my tablet? or as I haven’t downloaded anything I will just be watching it it won’t stay on my tablet?

Many thanks in advance of any help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:00 01 Dec 2014

I have films stored on a USB sick (for my nexus 7) copied straight from the PC not sure about download direct to card (nexus 7 doesn't have a card).

Iplayer will have some buffering during streaming so there will be some temporay files stored on the tablet.

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