Tablet computer purchase - antivirus/firewall etc?

  kwil2 00:25 30 Nov 2013

I intend to buy a tablet computer as a Xmas present for someone. I've not personally jumped on the tablet bandwagon to date, so don't have much experience of this device,though it will be one that uses Android Jelly Bean operating system With regard to web security: can 'normal' antivirus programmes and firewalls be used with a tablet (say, Avast antivirus/Zone Alarm etc which I've always used myself)? Or is it best to use 'tablet-friendly' versions of antivirus/firewall? If so, where do I get them and any recommendations?

Many thanks

  rdave13 08:37 30 Nov 2013

If you Google play store, click on apps, type security in the search bar it will give a list of all available security apps. I just use the free Avast app on my Nexus.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:54 30 Nov 2013


I use the free Avast Antivirus / malware app from Google Play store.

  rdave13 09:44 30 Nov 2013

Here's the list of apps available, Click here.

  compumac 10:01 30 Nov 2013

I use Lookout on my Androids

  kwil2 16:55 02 Dec 2013

Many thanks to all for taking time to reply. I intend to load basic security before giving the gift just to make things easier for the recipient. The Avast app would take care of antivirus...but I can't see any mention of firewalls in the list.... I'm now assuming I just can't use 'normal' Zone Alarm as in my own computer, but must use the app version... So,is there a firewall app or am I just going blind?

Many thanks

  woodchip 18:22 02 Dec 2013

I downloaded Free Mobil Avast for my Hudl and loaded that

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:07 02 Dec 2013

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