tables and column sizing - where am I going wrong?

  mco 18:05 21 Dec 2006

I've got a webpage with three columns - the one in the middle is 750px and the ones either side are (in a different colour) 250px each. But when I preview them in the browser they all come out the same width (even though I have checked and double checked their properties.) Am I missing something here?

  mco 18:30 21 Dec 2006

I've worked around it - still don't know why it happened though! 23:37 21 Dec 2006

want a table 1250 pixels wide? The majority of users won't have a screen resolution as wide as that at the moment.

  mco 00:35 22 Dec 2006

The two columns either side are grey to make a border for the wider screens; the site itself is in the 750 bit centred in the middle. 10:04 22 Dec 2006

to put columns at the side. They will make users of small screens see horizontal scroll bars.

Simply use the single table and centre it. The background colour or design you choose will automatically stretch to larger screens.

  mco 16:57 22 Dec 2006

I've always done it that way but I find that if your webpage is 750 and in the middle and you centre it, then if you view on a large screen there's a lot of superflous space either side- although it will look fine on 800x600. I'm trying to emulate these professional pages that have columns either side and am hoping that if I centre the whole thing then, the colums will not be visible on an 800x600 screen but will set off the webpage on a larger one. I'd better go and check now that I haven't messed up my design just for the sake of smaller screens, if it's going to create a horizontal scroll bar!

  mco 17:16 22 Dec 2006

Actually, Barry - the penny's just dropped and I see what you mean now! Thanks again.

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