Table not aligned in other browsers-Opera, Mozilla

  woodbexhill 14:28 07 Apr 2005


I have a site design that looks fine in Dreamweaver and in Internet Explorer, but when I open it in Opera, or Mozilla, all of the tables are aligned wrong and so the graphics do not fit together because the design is a set of sliced images from ImageReady.

It sounds stupid but I have no webspace available at the moment so i cant upload it, but here are 2 screenshots to show the differences.

click here - This is the site in Internet Explorer and how it should look.

click here Site in Mozilla, and how it looks in other browsers... not right.

If anyone knows why the graphics are all mis-aligned and not dsplaying properly any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  woodbexhill 14:29 07 Apr 2005

Second link is wrong, it should be this: click here

  pmorff 01:19 19 Apr 2005

What image editing software are you using?
If you are using Photoshop or Fireworks you should save the slices as a table. This will help hold the slices together.
When adding the sliced image into the webpage place it in a table or a table cell or alternatively a layer.
You say that the problem is with Mozilla. Have you tried other browsers such as netscape etc.?

If the problem is only in Mozilla it might be worth ditching the head ache and living with the problem.
Alternatively e mail Mozilla and see if they have a solution or the problem might have been solved with a later version.

Best of luck

  LeadingMNMs 12:54 19 Apr 2005

Its hard to see why this has happened without seeing the HTML but its probably differences in how the browsers handle one of padding, margins, cellspacing and cellpadding.

As I said, its hard to know what the actual cause is without seeing the HTML.

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