table images - stop tiling

  sean-278262 22:45 06 Mar 2008

I have an image thumbnail linking to the full size image on my webpage in a table. However I want the boxes in the table to be 100x100 to keep all the pages looking alike and the thumbnails only displayed once with no tiling in each box. Each of the images in a box represents a full size version and I want people to be able to see what the linked image is going to look like.

However as most of my images are not square and usually 800x600 they wont stay confined in the box and automatically tile. However I dont want the image to tile I want only one copy of the image per box and the rest to remain white or black.

This is the code I am using for one of the images

td align="center" background="3/Thumb/img (6).jpg"> div align="center" class="style1"> a href="3/pic3.htm">3 /a> /div> /td>

Does anyone know what code I need to add to make the image not tile in the boxes? Cheers.

  MAJ 09:23 07 Mar 2008

Personally, I have no idea what you are trying to do, or where 'tiling' comes into it. By "boxes" do you mean "cells"?

The only thing I can think of is that you are trying to create a page (or part of a page) of thumnails (like a contact sheet) which link to another page containing the full size image of the thumbnail picture? Is that the case, or is it something completely different?

Are you using a WYSIWYG web creation package or are you trying to hand code the site?

  mickeblue 14:24 07 Mar 2008

If all the images you are pointing to are 800x600 and the thumbnails are scaled copies just resize the cells ( boxes ) to a 4:3 ratio ( 100x75 pixels ) then they will fill the cell.

  Kemistri 23:49 10 Mar 2008

I think you're making more work for yourself than is really necessary. Why not sort your image sizes properly, then place them in the markup in an unordered list with a block display declaration and other styling as required? That's the correct way and is actually very flexible, creatively speaking.

Or, if you really want to continue with a table layout, adding a style declaration with the no-repeat attribute should fix it.

  sean-278262 01:46 11 Mar 2008

Cheers for the help. For some reason whenever I post for help no more than half an hour later I work out the answer. Simply I restructured the forms to

<td width="100" height="100"><a href="images/(033)-5.jpg"><img src="Thumb/(033)-5.jpg" border="0" width="75" height="100"></a></td>

which does what I wanted without needing to change all that much. Cheers for all the help.

  MAJ 03:27 11 Mar 2008

"For some reason whenever I post for help no more than half an hour later I work out the answer."

Well hopefully if that happens again, you'll come back here, promptly, and post that you have the answer to your satisfaction.

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