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  mammak 21:32 02 Nov 2005

Hello all,
Really need your help here, got a 12-page document in
MS Word 2000 2 columns I need to insert a “table of contents”
But where do I place the cursor? To insert the table of contents Left-hand side of my first page is that the beginning
of the document or the end or do I place the cursor elsewhere ie: the end or beginning of the right hand side of
page one, keeping in mind I need the “ table of contents at the beginning” of the document now being page one’ but what is confusing me is
Would the “table of contents recognise that it is page "one" being set in 2 columns, would not blame any of you if you ignored me and wrote me of as a nutter as my head is minced with this, in hope Mammak.

  VoG II 22:03 02 Nov 2005

Click at the top of the left hand column of page 1 then insert the ToC.

  lotvic 22:07 02 Nov 2005

Put your cursor where you want the table to be inserted. If you want the table to start right at the beginning of document then put your cursor at beginning of top left column. The table will restrict itself to the left column only and not interfere with the right column. Don't forget that everything else in the document will shuffle down to make room for it.

Try it and and see, you can always click on the 'undo' arrow if it is not what you want.

  lotvic 01:21 03 Nov 2005

If you want the table to span the width of the page but still have the rest in two columns:

Undo the 2 columns format by choosing 1 column layout

Put cursor at beginning of top left of page one

Insert your table

Press enter to insert blank lines (to leave a space below your table)

Put cursor at beginning of top of left text that you want to start column 1 with.

go to: Format > Columns > click on 'Two' - Apply to 'this point forward' click on OK and the rest of the document will be restored to your 2 columns that you set out (may require some editing if you have seperated pages by using 'Ctr+Enter')

  mammak 16:31 03 Nov 2005

Thank you all for your help everyone’s suggestions worked
All so easy when you know how, thanks again Mammak.

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