Tab 2 to Projector

  IMJCMECRMACEM 16:28 12 Nov 2014

Does anybody know if it's possible to connect a Samsung Tab 2 7.0 to a projector... I don't think the Tab2 is hdmi enabled but is there any other method? Thanks

  SparkyJack 16:58 12 Nov 2014

It seems the device has a non standard socket.

A search revealed a a cable to convert to USB.

What is needed is an HDMI connection, See such in quick search.

A deeper search may reveal something.

But don't hold your breath.

  Woolwell 21:56 12 Nov 2014

What connections are there on the projector?

You will probably need an HDMI adaptor but I am having difficulty finding one for the Tab 2.7.0.

  IMJCMECRMACEM 10:38 13 Nov 2014

It only has the standard 25pin(?)/usb cable used for power/pc's... I've read elsewhere that the 7.0 tab2 doesn't have any "video out" capabilities to make sue of a hdmi adapter. However the 10.0 tab2 does. I'm currently investigating using Chromecast to a projector with hdmi...

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