Is 'T-Bird AMD K7' cpu same as 'XP2000+' cpu?

  tloti 13:17 08 Sep 2004


have i 'been had' on e-bay?

described as 'AMD XP2000+' cpu

i find it is actually stamped: 'T-Bird AMD K7'!

please confirm my suspicions one way or t'other.


tloti O-/

  cga 13:39 08 Sep 2004

T-Bird yeilds no hits on the AMD site.

  Smiler 14:22 08 Sep 2004

It came out in 1999 according to this

click here

There are no references to it on the AMD site click here so I can only assume it bombed

  cream. 14:51 08 Sep 2004

If you click on smiler's second link, the amd site and pick older products. On the new page pick AMD athlon desktop. This brings you to te thunderbird section. The list of Processor Information and Processor Support should give you some info on the thunderbird.

I seem to remember that the largest size was 1400 and it had either a 200 or 266 frontside bus.

This may help you on speeds and L1 and L2 cache
click here

  cream. 15:11 08 Sep 2004

Just for information and I do not suggest for one moment this has happened. It is possible to un-lock a thunderbird with a carbon pencil, it just needs two connections to be bridged.

For instance a 1400 cpu with a 100 fsb and a 14 multiplier would give you a cpu clock speed of 1.4 Ghz. If the fsb was bridged to give you a 133fsb and the multiplier remained at 14, then this could give you a clock speed of 1.862Ghz. Quite a leap.

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