Sytemworks speed disk

  bolo 10:21 02 Aug 2003

Does anyone know how to speed up speed disk in win xp, when I use it I can't give it enough time to complete as I would estimate it will take well over a day to complete. Even if you run it for several hours close it then start it you may as well be starting from the begining again.
Win xp sp1
512 ddr 333mhz
80 gig hdd 2 thirds full, ATA 133 7200rpm
2.4 ghz xp processor


  pj123 10:49 02 Aug 2003

Doesn't sound like "speed" disk to me. I had Systemworks 2003 on my PC but found lots of problems with it so I took it off and went back to Norton Utilities 2002. Speed disk takes about 18 minutes to do a 40gb hard drive.

  bolo 11:23 02 Aug 2003

I am using system works 2003 are you saying the version of speed disk from utilities 2000 is faster?

  Gaz 25 11:28 02 Aug 2003

Version 2003 is more thorough than 2000/02

but 2002 I find does a full 120Gb in 20Mins and 2003 does the same in 50Mins.

  bolo 11:47 02 Aug 2003

could antivirus or norton internet security/firewall slow things down?

  MichelleC 12:02 02 Aug 2003

When you use it for the 1st time it may take a long time as it's rearranging the data for speedier access. Thereafter it'll take less time.

as you have thought ,your av and firewall would be best to be turned off but as michelle C says the more you use it the faster it gets. if you have a very large hard drive with lots on it and not huge amounts of memory then yes it will take a long time the first time. stopping it and starting again will only make things worse.

  pj123 15:19 02 Aug 2003

Yes, I think I am saying that. If you try defrag from windows you may be there for days, as it does not like anything running in the background and will keep re-starting. I have found that Norton Utilities doesn't care what is running in the background, it will still do the defrag in minutes. Also if you cancel the operation, next time you start it, it will continue from where it left off. Windows defrag has to start from the beginning again.

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