Systemworks Cleansweep

  Eagle Eyed Cherry 16:25 25 Jul 2003

Can anyone help............

When I open Norton Systemworks Cleansweep, Fast & Safe Cleanup it shows 550kb! can be removed!!!

Now when I click on Clean Now it is still showing 550kb.Even if Cleansweep states that 1000kb can be deleted it will only delete 450kb and still leave 550kb remaining.
When I click on Settings it shows 7 files 550kb under Internet History. I have uninstalled the program but it still shows 550kb. Does anybody know where I can find Internet History in Windows XP so I can delete these files manually???
Or if anybody as a work around.

Thank-you in advance.

  Wes Tam ;-) 17:03 25 Jul 2003

In IE Tools>Internet Options click Clear History

  Eagle Eyed Cherry 20:21 25 Jul 2003

Hi Wes Tam,

I have tried that and still it does not resolve the problem!!!!!

Anyone got any ideas????

  whybe 21:51 25 Jul 2003

I get that situation quite often and it is always surronding Internet History. By chance I went out of SW and then back in and into cleansweep and it had got rid of everything. But it is a bit hit and miss! Sometimes gone sometimes not, that's with XP pro.

  temp003 03:52 26 Jul 2003

Try clicking Settings, and see if the box for "Internet History" has been unticked. If so, tick it.

  Seicento 08:06 26 Jul 2003

I had the same problem - really annoying.

Apparently this can be caused by index.dat files, which are not removed when the history/temp. internet files are cleared.

I use Complete Internet Cleanup from click here every few weeks and it works a treat.

  Wes Tam ;-) 10:29 26 Jul 2003

Eagle Eyed Cherry I think Seicento has answered your query, see also this thread click here

  Audeal 10:34 26 Jul 2003

I stopped using it some weeks ago and now I use "Clean Up": click here . It does everything I want it to.

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