systems restore. windows xp

  spenno1 16:05 17 Jan 2007

when I try to return the computer to a previous date, no matter what highlighted date I go back to, when the computer re- starts, the message appears"unable to restore to the choosen date, select another one".Any Ideas woluld be gratefully appreciated!!

  Totally-braindead 16:16 17 Jan 2007

When you use system restore only certain dates are available, are you trying to restore to one of the dates that doesn't have a restore point perhaps.

  Kingfisher 16:32 17 Jan 2007

you could try system restore whilst in safe mode,
to get to safe mode reboot and keep hitting f8, if that doesn't work then turn off system resore and reboot, but be warned this will delete all your restore points, but if you cant access them anyway you have nothing to lose.
to turn off system restore go to control panel> system> select system restore tab and click box that says turn off system restore next reboot pc and go back into system restore and create a new restore point, reboot back into system restore and see if you are able to restore to point you just created.
it may pay you to leave this posting going for a while in case some of the techies have a better idea without losing all your restore points
good luck

  spenno1 23:02 17 Jan 2007

thankyou totally branded and kingfisher for your advice!
Totally-Branded..I have tried all highlighted"restore dates"some which I created,some that were automatically created. when the computer rebooted the message came up as previously mentioned!
Kingfisher....someone else suggested your idea I'll give it a try and let you know the outcome.
but for now Im hitting the big zzzzzzzzs!!

  spenno1 13:31 18 Jan 2007

I did as you suggested but the message came back as usual, so I was unable to restore.
I am now incline to think that this is a problem with the"system restore"progamme, perhaps it needs reinstalling but that would be beyond me!!
As it is the computer is working o.k.but I would like this facility to work in case of a problem in the future considering the number of kids that play around on this computer!!

  €dstowe 13:33 18 Jan 2007

Never rely on System Restore as your only means of retrieving your data if something goes wrong.

I have found SR completely unreliable and never use it nowadays.

  Kingfisher 14:00 18 Jan 2007

Hi spenno1 have a look at this link for accessing system restore from a command prompt

click here

  Kingfisher 14:04 18 Jan 2007

or have a look here

click here

  ianeon 14:16 18 Jan 2007

click here - Tyr this method - It i quite good

  beeuuem 15:14 18 Jan 2007

You could have look at click here

I had the same problem and found that turning off the Outpost firewall allowed the restore to take place.
Also if you have the IOBit defrag programme running it seems that this also appears to prevent a system restore.

  spenno1 18:59 18 Jan 2007

I am going to try beeuuems idea before any others,will let you all know!!

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