system32\rundll32.exe error

  User-C482BBE1-3EDD-4A99-BEDC0BD6B59295E3 21:05 09 Oct 2008

Hi all

After reinstalling XP home premium SP2 and biting the bullet and downloading SP3 I get the following message when I try and open any program.
C:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe windows may not have the specified path,or file. You may not have the appropreate permissions to access the item.
This affects every singe program so I can't even go to system restore even though I set a restore point prior to installing SP3.

I'd be most grateful for any advice.

Thank you


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:34 09 Oct 2008

Repair XP by replacing corrupt files

sfc /scannow

in the run box, press enter and let system file checker find and replace missing / corrupt file in windows and explorer.This will take awhile to complete and you may be asked for the CD to be in the drive if windows is not preinstalled on the hard drive.

sfc /scannow problems
click here

Hi Fruitbat

Gets worse. just hitting run produces the message "cannot create shortcut here.". No joy if I create shortcut on Desktop as that doesn't work either, and I can't remove the shortcut! I can't run msconfig or anything from run without the same message coming up. Have I just wasted eight hours of my life and I'm gonna have to start again? or should I try using the repair option fron bootup on the XP install CD?


  woodchip 22:02 09 Oct 2008

I seem to recollect a Virus on these lines called rundll32.exe you need to check click here

Hi Woodchip

Did a scan with Comodo and nul result. also cleared all 04 enteries in Hijackthis also no result. I've still got Spyboy S&d and Ad Aware2008 in downloads but can't get access to install even in Safe mode.
Getting tired,miffed and tiddly so may give it up for the day.

Thank you anyway


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:59 10 Oct 2008

should I try using the repair option fron bootup on the XP install CD?


Hi All.
Thank you for all your advice.
I finally managed to find a restore point ( in safe mode ) prior to the problem and got back to a stable situation. I then got the same problem when I tried to run HJT so I think I may have downloaded a rougue version in my tired state. Anyway bottom line was to go back to previous restore point, Shred HJT download file and all hunky dory, also no issues with SP3. Sorted.
Thanks again

PS Woodchip. If it was a rundll32.exe virus then just using the restore point was enough to remove it.
Q Is there a rougue HJT download out there?


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