system32.exe - No Disk

  geordiewal 16:41 23 Mar 2004

My home pc is running Win xp,with AVG, Zonealarm, Spybot, Adaware and Spyware blaster. It looks like I have picked up a virus or something! When I first startup I get the following warning: system32.exe - No disk. This file has been placed in my start up folder and I can't delete it. I have also had a load of icons placed on my desktop to different click here websites. Plus my home page has been set to click here and I can't change it.
I have run AVG, spybot and adaware but they are not getting rid of this for me. Any assistance in getting rid and how to prevent this happening again would be most welcome.

Tks in advance


  VoG II 16:43 23 Mar 2004

CWShredder click here

  geordiewal 16:57 23 Mar 2004

Is it safe for me to access the internet with my home page pointing at this your-search site?

  VoG II 17:26 23 Mar 2004

You gave, I believe, a variant of CoolWebSearch installed click here

  geordiewal 17:28 23 Mar 2004

I have downloaded, installed and run cwshredder but it has not detected this system32 whatever it is! Can anyone offer any further help?

  cycoze 17:44 23 Mar 2004

Its a Trojan may or may not have been result of a virus , have you tried downloading and running Stinger from click here .

Will have a look online for more info on the problem as i`m not that familiar with it .

  cycoze 18:00 23 Mar 2004

I meant to say system32.exe is a Trojan etc , VoG is also correct to point you to CWShredder as you have more than one problem .

  VoG II 18:04 23 Mar 2004

You could also try these free trojan busters click here click here or do an online scan click here

  geordiewal 18:10 23 Mar 2004

Cheers, I am on running stinger at the moment, I have just found out that my youngest son was on the pc when he got home last night and looking at some dodgy sites, he is for a blating when he gets home. Nightmare you say I have more than one problem.

  geordiewal 18:58 23 Mar 2004

I have tried all of the above links and non of them are detecting anything wrong, if I have a trojan on my system why are non of them seeing it?

  VoG II 19:09 23 Mar 2004

Start, Run, type in


and click OK.

On the Startup tab look for System32 and untick it. OK your way out and reboot.

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