System32\Drivers\nvata.sys Corrupt or missing error during boot up

  Biker Dave 15:24 19 Jan 2014

After 5 months of 'must fix it' I have started the continuing repair of my desktop. MODS: My previous post on this is now locked due to time so I have started this post as the continuation, can you merge if required? I have had to resort to a clean install as the repair with a full XP disc didn't work, the BSOD still kept appearing. The pc is running a RAID config but I have only reloaded windows onto one of the discs, I have kept the other in case of disaster on the reformatted disc as all the data is intact. The disc is partitioned into 3 parts. C:Windows, D:Media storage and E: Programs. The new install works fine and windows boots up with no issues apart from saying the array is unhealthy which I know and is the next point to fix. I used Genie Soft 8 to back up all my data and thought all I then needed to do was reload the back up and job done. I loaded Genie soft onto the pc and started the back up. The back up was taken just before the system failed and I think this might be a clue to what is happening. Genie soft completes the back up and then asks to reboot - this is where the SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\NVATA.SYS corrupt or missing error appears and stops the pc at this point. It then tells me to use my system disc to repair this error. This doesn't work, I repair and then get same error. I then tried NOT loading this file from the Genie back up but this still created the same error. These files are installed by floppy during my set up as my MB uses Nvidia raid control so I know the files are loaded during the clean install phase. I have now done another clean install and am using Genie soft to check the integrity of its back up file job. I am really reluctant to just load the back up again as it will probably fail in the same way and I have spent all weekend on it so far:-(. My MB is an asusn32-sli which uses nforce4. There are 2 downloads available from the nvidia site 6.86 - 7/7/06 and 15.23 - 12/9/2008. I have the 15.23 package installed. Is there something I’m missing or doing wrong? I can add more detail if required. Thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:14 19 Jan 2014

Sounds like you are overwriting the good copy with a copy from the Genie backup.

Any way of replacing the file in the backup?

  woodchip 18:10 19 Jan 2014

Why not try using System Restore to Before the Problem

  Biker Dave 18:35 19 Jan 2014

Hi Fuitbat and Woodchip

Genie soft allows me not to reinstall that particular file or the nvatabus file but that didn't work last time, i guess this is because you have to also tell it to reinstall all registry items which I did as i thought this would cause issues with the other programs if i didnt. I can't go back using sys restore as I have now done a clean install. This is the first time I have had to reinstall in this way. I was wondering if I choose each separate item in the genie soft install one by one leaving the windows drivers until last but I dont think this will work either?

  woodchip 18:46 19 Jan 2014

Problem is all the junk in Registry after loading it

  Biker Dave 18:54 19 Jan 2014

Does this mean the genie soft is no good or do I try loading it but not include the registry items?

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