System will not boot

  misery 14:07 14 Mar 2005

been having trouble with the computer running very, very slowly. In Task Manager found a program OSA.EXE (all upper case) was running the CPU at 98-99%. When I closed this down the computer ran OK until the next reboot. This happened 5 or 6 times, but now I cannot get the system to boot at all. I cannot even get into the BIOS, have changed the M/B battery but to no avail. Do wonder if I've been bugged despite running Norton AV and Firewall, and using adaware on a daily basis to remove spyware.
Am running Windows XP and Office XP on a Gigabyte GA-7VRXP M/B with AMD 1700 and 512MB ram, ATI Radeon 7500. Oh and a 300w PSU!
Anything to try greatly appreciated, many thanks.

  Yoda Knight 14:11 14 Mar 2005

at what point does ur system hang, do u get the bios screen at all ?

  misery 19:04 14 Mar 2005

Do not get bios screen, system does not boot at all. What appears is as follows- RU200 P/N 113-83205-101 Hymix Bios PU 230/290

  keithlik 19:30 14 Mar 2005

You may have a bug even if your current set up has checked. Try click here and download AdAware SE (For free)
Run it and I think you may be surprised!!

Good luck

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 14 Mar 2005

Process File: osa or osa.exe
Process Name: Microsoft Office Startup Assistant

osa.exe is installed with Microsoft Office Suite. This process is the startup assistant which improves performance and deals with some commands. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.

Not booting past BIOS = BIOS problem
clear BIOS by using clear CMOS jumper if on your board. Or remove battery for 10 mins.

  Graham ® 20:05 14 Mar 2005

'but now I cannot get the system to boot at all' should give a hint that running AdAware is not an option at this stage.

  keithlik 15:17 15 Mar 2005

Thanks for that Graham - Misery must have some access to the Net to have gotten the message across so - download to a disk on the 'good' computer. Use Windows Start-up to get essential files working and run AdAware from the disk.
Ive done it!

  griffon 56 15:42 15 Mar 2005

Hi Misery,

They say it's rare nowadays but you might have a Boot Sector virus. AVG 6&7 have boot sector scanners which run on startup, and I expect other anti-viruses have as well. If you can get AVG on a disc as Keithlik suggests, it might help. On the other hand, I'm inclined to side with Fruitbat it looks like a BIOS problem. If you can get it going you might run 'msconfig', click on the 'Start Up' tab and see what programs run at start up. I know it's different for XP, with which I'm not familiar, but Win98SE runs perfectly well with only 'Scan Registry', 'Systray', 'Task Monitor', 'Office' and the anti-virus and firewall clients active. Unless you require automatic power downs and scheduled activities you can do without anything labelled 'Power Profile Rundll' and 'Task Scheduler'. There's a good program called WinSpeedUp available from click here that's done wonders for my machine, allowing you to edit all sorts of extraneous stuff that Windows doesn't need to run.

  griffon 56 17:58 15 Mar 2005

Hi again,

Just thought, there's another useful program called Everest151 at click here which shows a detailed analysis of your system right down to exactly what type of processor and memory you've got, even to when they were made. Good for when you're looking to upgrade and you want to know what's in the guts without having to take the case apart.

  misery 18:44 15 Mar 2005

Thanx for all suggestions to date, but cannot get into the bios at all when I switch on to boot up all I get is the display I typed in previous message. Have no idea what this means , if it is a bios problem I can't get in to it to check. Am using daughter's computer at the moment, but as it's a 15 mile journey that may explain my slow responses to your answers. Still desperate! Am I being a fatalist to sugget a new motherboard may be the only answer?
Any help gratefully received

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:06 15 Mar 2005

clear BIOS by using clear CMOS jumper if on your board. Or remove battery for 10 mins.

CMOS Battery
click here

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