system volume information

  baron15987a 11:13 16 Feb 2010

I have recently come up against this message:-
The file or directory \System Volume Information \1 {3808876b-c176-4e48-b7ae-04046e6cc752} in corrupt and unreadable.

This maeeage occures when I unlock a
WesternDigital 'My Book essential 1TB' external USB Drive.

I am advised to run chkdsk on this drive, but when i do windows advises me to restart windows to continue, but the drive automatically locks.

Any help would be gratefully received.

thanks in advance...

  northumbria61 11:18 16 Feb 2010

It's system restore, if you disable it and reboot and then re-enable it it will most likely be fixed. If you do not use system restore then i would keep it disabled.

  baron15987a 09:11 18 Feb 2010

Unfortunately northumbria61, this fix did not do the trick.

The problem still exists, although the data on this drive seems to be available to be accessed.

Any other thoughts?

  rawprawn 09:28 18 Feb 2010

"This maeeage occures when I unlock a
WesternDigital 'My Book essential 1TB' external USB Drive."

Do you mean unplug? System restore cannot operate if the drive is unplugged, IE switched off

  baron15987a 09:37 18 Feb 2010

The message occures when I switch on and try to access the drive.

  Les28 10:19 18 Feb 2010

Just wondered what operating system you are using and what you are using the external drive for, is it data backup, ie just manually copying over data or are you running an automatic backup up program on it?

  Technotiger 10:42 18 Feb 2010

Close down the computer and switch it off. If the drive is still switched on, switch it off also. Wait at least 30 seconds, then switch on Drive only, wait again about 20 seconds then switch on computer and start up as normal. Wait until everything has completely settled down, and then see if you can access the drive in the normal way. If you can then I would advise you to delete the corrupt backup file.

  baron15987a 09:13 22 Feb 2010

I am using Windows XP Home edition for this drive and I am using the drive for data backup and I am manually copy over data.

  Technotiger 09:22 22 Feb 2010

"drive for data backup and I am manually copy over data."! I suspect that you have turned of the drive while something was still be written to it, this has cause the corruption! It is not always obvious when writing to a drive has finished!

You should use something like Acronis, or one of the various Free backup programs to save your backups to the external drive.

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