System Volume Information

  Kittenmaster 13:27 15 Aug 2003

Help! I have recently updated my AVG virus scan and it finds an I-worm virus sitting in my System Volume Information directory.
However the virus program cannot access the folder as it can't see it!
I can't see this folder in Windows, I can only see it if I go to DOS environment and dir/a:h the c: drive.
I cannot access this folder as it says access is denied. Does anyone know how to access this folder? Or even make it visible to programs in Windows?
I'm running Windows XP on a Celeron 2 GHz laptop and AVG version6.

Dave Woods

  iced_ms 13:52 15 Aug 2003

Don't know if this is of any use..... cause don't really know what i'm talking about but....
I had a folder that was causing problems a couple of months ago.
I ran the virus checker and like you said it couldn't see it... I tried to manually delete it but it wouldn't let me. In the end i ran scandisk and and it found i and i was able to delete it from there.
Like i said don't know if that helps but worth a try maybe :)

  JoeC 14:00 15 Aug 2003

it is in your System Restore folder ? If it is, disable System Restore,run virus scan again, then re-enable System restore.

  Jester2K II 16:25 15 Aug 2003

Its trapped in the System Restore folder as JoeC says. Switch SR off, reboot and switch it on again.

  Kittenmaster 18:32 15 Aug 2003

Thanks for your help. However it is not in the system restore folder. The restore folder is in the system32 folder, which is in the Windows folder. The system volume information folder is in the root drive. Go to MSDOS and go to root directory, c:\, (type cd.. [return] until at c:)and then type dir /a:H, you'll see the folder. Cheers!

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