System in trouble, pics renamed

  Diemmess 12:05 29 Apr 2014

I fear my desktop with XP is in a mess,using free ZA and AVG, something nasty is about one click short of unusable and my attempts to clear it only makes thi5days old) restoration.

All my jpgs have changed to being "openable" with Omnipage (a version 12)ngs worse. So I am using a laptop while the PC is having an Acronis (

Attempts to uninstall Omnipage stop when it asks me to close EpmNewsDlg andthe latest attempt using CCleaner stalled at asking to close CCleaner first!

On this Laptop, (WiFi) Malwarebyts scanned by itself behind the scenes and came up with 4 pop ups

PUP.Optional.MindSpark.A (3 of these) and one of PUP.Optional.Softronic.A

2 questions how do I get rid of the EpmNewsDlg comb the registry?

How do I change the jpg files to lose the tiny Omnipage? It dosn't open them and the "open-with" routine would take forever.

  lotvic 13:15 29 Apr 2014

EpmNewsDlg have a look in MSCONFIG to disable it from starting up. And/or Taskmanager to stop it. Or in control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services - and stop it running in there.

File Association: jpg "open-with" routine - on the rightclick menu click on 'Choose Program' (at the bottom) when you have chosen the program you want, tick the box for 'always use the selected program to open this kind of file'

As an extra note: I had problems last week with 'funny stuff' that disabled Avast GI and showing icon in Tray (although it still appeared to be running) and it was only after running Malwarebytes prog and free SAS - Super Anti Spyware and deleting all they found that I was able to return to normal. It seemed to be the FakeMS- Trojan that was causing the problems. I have no idea how it got onto my pc as I don't have MSE installed and it's something to do with that AFAIK. I did an Acronis restore finally as got fed up 'playing with it'.

  lotvic 22:19 29 Apr 2014

Did it work?

  Diemmess 10:38 30 Apr 2014

lotvic and anyone else who's following this

Yes and no. I'm fairly confident that the unstable awkward system I was running has been "called to order." When I first noticed the change in the tiny picture was the signature of every jpg I have I was panicked! I found that every file had a micro picture of the Omnipage logo, and yes I could use Open With, but only one file at the time.

I realised this was part of a damaged system and restored a 5 day old Acronis which was only a little better.

Then used Malwarebytes and Superantispyware in safe mode. these combed out a lot of very minor bits of iffy stuff.

Now I could uninstall Omnipage with out being baulked by files I couldn't delete.

Now with most things behaving I tried harder and spent an hour or so searching the Registry for mcci+McciTrayApp, EpmNewsDlg and a large number of Omnipage snippets.

The jpg's had already defaulted to the windows picture label! There were other rejects along the way, useless downloads that had been sidelined and forgotten. Like Omnipage, there were persistent calls to reinstall my Wacom Intuos tablet.

Now urgent, a fresh backup with Acronis.

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