System Tray Hidden Icons Re-Appear

  allan01 17:42 07 May 2003

I use the "Hide Inactive Icons" in Windows XP to stop unwanted icons appearing in the system tray, however, several of them come back almost every time I restart my PC. They seem to be the ones related to LAN stuff, which first appeared when I installed my broadband modem. Anybody know how to hide these icons permanently so they won't re-appear when I restart the PC? I have no use for them and they just clutter up the system tray!!

  Gaz 25 18:03 07 May 2003

Set them to always hide.

LAN connections do not unfortunatly hide., but you can go into options for your broadband connection and un tick: show status when connected, the two computers icon will dissapear.

  allan01 20:23 07 May 2003

I already have the icons in question set to "Always Hide", and the properties for the two LAN connections have no tick in the box to "Show icon in notification area when connected". When I restart the PC they still come back into the system tray. Any other thoughts, or am I stuck with hiding them every time I fire up the PC?

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