System Temperatures

  sorceror7374 10:33 21 Mar 2004

My system is based around an AMD Athlon XP 2000 chip on an Elite (ECS) K7VMM+ motherboard and I've just installed Motherboard Monitor 5 to keep an eye on component temperatures. The program is great however I have no frame of reference as to what the typical or safe temperatures are for the CPU, Case, etc. Anyone out there know where I can find a resource for these types of figures?

  Rayuk 13:44 21 Mar 2004

Only reason you need to use a monitor is if you are having crashing problems,or overclocking and want to keep an eye on the temp.

If neither of these affects you I wouldnt bother using it

  woodchip 21:36 21 Mar 2004

If you go into BIOS you should Have a Page with the temperatures and you can set it to turn of at different temps. I set mine to turn of at 60c

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