system temperatures

  glen2409 21:41 13 Sep 2003

I run 2400xp processor that has heatsink and fan. I have a fan on my graphics card. i also have two fans fitted on top of each other on the grill at the rear of the case.
I also have an exhaust blower fitted to an expansion slot at the back too.
My system temps run at CPU - 51, Hard drive -37 and system 26?

Are these ok and how can I make cooler? Can you fit a fan on top of the fan on the cpu?

Thanks for any help

  oglemire 22:22 13 Sep 2003

the cpu at 51 is not uncommon for an AMD chip .... if your system overheats the most common sign will be it freezing.

  pinka 22:27 13 Sep 2003

click here coolermaster aero 7+ , i have same processor and thats what im looking at next 03:49 14 Sep 2003

Basically below 60 degrees C, you're ok
Above 95 degrees C, you're too hot

click here to see the maximum temps for various CPUs in the range of 60-95 degrees, Keep in mind that cooler is almost always better and that every 10 degree rise in temperature will decrease component life by about half .

Here some tips, the volume of air flow is important, increasing air flow across a component will carry away more heat. The larger the temperature differential between the component and the air flowing over that component, the greater the heat loss, so the larger the surface area exposed to the air flow, the greater the heat loss.

  pillz 07:09 14 Sep 2003

it is not normal for a amd xp processer to reacher temps of 50, it sould be around 80-85 like the p4's it can aslo be that ur bios is reportng wrong.

  glen2409 11:03 14 Sep 2003

I'm not sure by saying 50c is unusual and that it should be 80-85. Surely the lower the temp the better.

How can i get better airflow and would fitting another fan on top of my cpu fan make any difference.


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