System temperatures

  BlueFox 10:55 01 Sep 2003

Can any of you help?

I've just built myself a new PC and I may have a problem with the CPU running too hot.

My PC is as follows:

Intel P4 3.0Ghz (I removed the supplied heatsink and fan and replaced it with a Zalman Flower Cooler to keep the noise down)
MSI 875P Neo Motherboard
1024Mb DDR
Sapphire Atlantis ATI Radeon 9800 Gfx
Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 Ex
Samsung 172T

...all in an aluminium case with 2 intake fans and 1 exhaust (fans set to run in 'silent' mode (low RPM)).

The mobo came with some software called 'core center'. It monitors the system and CPU temperatures. It reports the system temp at around 38 degrees and the CPU at 64!!!! Under load (or major game playing) the system will shutdown (the threshold is set at 80 degrees!!!).

Major worries... so I installed a thermstat and burried it right in the middle of the heatsink just above the CPU. This temperature reads 35 idle, rising to mid forties under load.

Which temperature is true?

  The Sack 11:34 01 Sep 2003

The max case temp for that is 70c so i would be carefull if i was you.

Try reseating the heatsink and if that doesnt work try the supplied heatsink to see what happens then. The Zalman isnt the most effective HSF on the market and 82w is a lot of heat to get rid off and doing it quietly isnt as easy as you would think.

  BlueFox 12:11 01 Sep 2003

Runs exactly the same (only sounds like a jet engine).

Do you know of any other decent HSFs that work as quietly as the Zalman?

I've since been told that the BIOS may be reporting the temperatures incorrectly. Is this likely? Therefore, should I be taking the temperature from the installed thermostat (which seem OK)?

  STEVE71163 12:52 01 Sep 2003

I have a zalman flower cooler i installed a few weeks ago and in silent mode it keeps the temperatures at the same as with the standard heatsink (Without the noise) and if i turn the speed up it is much cooler. Have you got the fan the right way around? As you are supposed to have the fan blowing towards the heatsink with these coolers.

  BlueFox 12:54 01 Sep 2003

'Have you got the fan the right way around? As you are supposed to have the fan blowing towards the heatsink with these coolers.'

I've got the Flower cooler set in 'silent' (slow RPM) and blowing on to the CPU. If I turn the fan up, it only makes a couple of degrees difference.

  medicine hat 13:53 01 Sep 2003

Could be a bios problem. Took a look at click here and vs 1.4 says "Modify CPU temperature detection" - which bios version has your board got?

  -pops- 13:59 01 Sep 2003

As you have messed around replacing heatsinks, did you ensure that every trace of the previous thermal link (most likely a pad) was removed before installing your new heatsink?

Do you have a good thermal contact between the CPU and heatsink?

Remember that too much thermal paste can be as bad as none at all, especially in the presence of remnants of old material.

  BlueFox 14:04 01 Sep 2003

I used Isopropyl Alcohol to remove the thermal paste. I was recommended this through another thread.

I'm not sure if I've used too much thermal paste on the new HS though.

As for contact, the footprint on the flower cooler is a lot different to the supplied intel fan. I removed the four plugs from the mobo fan housing to see if it made a difference.

Medicine hat..... I'm about to go home for lunch, so I'll check the BIOS version, but I think it's 1.3.

  -pops- 14:11 01 Sep 2003

Your system has a themometer buried deep inside the workings. If you suspect waht core Center is telling you, download Aida32 click here and check what the BIOS is saying by going to "Computer" then "Sensor" you will see the temperatures on that list.

  BlueFox 15:13 01 Sep 2003

BIOS version is 1.2. I've downloaded ver 1.4 and will attempt to upgrade it later when I've more time to concentrate.

I've been home and turned all the fans up to max. Didn't have too much effect though.

I've also downloaded Aida32 (thanks -pops-). It says that the mobo temp is 40 and the CPU is 50 (5-6 degrees different to the BIOS).

  BlueFox 12:42 16 Sep 2003

I've had no change in system temperature, no matter what I do.

As an extreme measure, what about water cooling?

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