System Temperature

  BrianW 09:16 16 Apr 2003

I've just installed a Gigabyte K7 Triton 400 motherboard with 512 of DDR2700 ram / Duron1300 CPU. The installation was very easy and the system booted straight into my Win98se (didn't clean boot - I thought I would chance it this time). So - I have a running and, apparently, very stable system. But I notice that the CPU temperature and system temperature are higher than my old Duron 750 / 512 sd-ram system. I expected the CPU to go up (from aound 40-43 deg C to 45 - 50 deg C) but was suprised that the system temp has gone from around 35 deg C to 40 - 45 deg C. Is this to be expected (faster ddr-ram / n-board/s-board chips)?

  DieSse 09:43 16 Apr 2003

That's very high for a system temperature - if you haven't got a case fan I would suggest you fit one.

  BrianW 12:35 16 Apr 2003

Thanks Diesse, that's what I thought. I have a case fan fitted and will re-check the situation with the case side off - but I think it was running this high when I first tested it (when the case was off).

  The Sack 13:15 16 Apr 2003

Just a tip, if you run the RAM at PC2100 it will be in sync with the FSB of the Duron and it in theory will perform better.

  MartinT-B 13:20 16 Apr 2003

It's not Theory.

  BrianW 17:10 16 Apr 2003

I had a look here, click here, it appears that the temperatures I am getting are typical for this board with only one case fan fitted (my case). Quite a lot of posts about it and the general conclusion seems to be that at least two case fans are needed, plus a two fan PSU is desirable. So, a bit more dosh to go. However - I must say I am very impressed with the ease of install, much easier than any board I've used so far. Thanks for the comments / help

  binkitone 17:19 16 Apr 2003

Just in comparison; I change from a 650Mhz Duron to a 1.2Ghz Athlon and found cpu temp above 60 degrees and crashes occuring at 65.
I re-applied thermal paste to the cpu heatsink and added an extra case fan this only reduce it to 55, though this seems OK.

  BrianW 20:44 16 Apr 2003

Thanks for the input binkitone - I'll monitor the situation - so far, no sign of going over 50.

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