System temperature

  Aziraphael 00:39 05 Apr 2007

I have recently replaced the chipset fan on my Asus A8Nsli deluxe mobo for a Zalman heatsink because the fan failed.

At the same time I installed PC Wizard so I could monitor the system.

Just checked my temps and the CPU temp is showing 50 degrees C with the CPU diode at 29 degrees C.

Bios shows CPU temp of 30 and mobo temp of 50.

I'm not so concerned about the 29/30 degree reading but is the 50 degree one something to worry about???

I have a decent fan on the CPU but am worried the fan to heatsink change may have caused the temp rise......

  mocha 07:48 05 Apr 2007

You say your cpu temps is 50c then that it is 30c and mobo 50c. If cpu 50c thats o.k. thats pretty normal, if your mobo is 50c then thats a little high, you may need a system fan in the casing. Check to see if you have a system fan and if it is working.

  keef66 12:18 05 Apr 2007

50c cpu / 30c mobo would be the norm for me, and my mobo chipsets are cooled only by heatsinks, and negligible case ventilation.

I'd trust the bios readings, and 50c for the mobo is a bit high. Presumably it is taking the reading from the southbridge chipset with the new heatsink.

Did the heatsink come with thermal compound / adhesive, and if so did you remember to apply it?

Either find a cooling fan for the chipset, or as mocha suggests, improve case cooling so that a flow of air passes across the heatsink

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