system temp too hot ?

  [DELETED] 18:42 23 Dec 2003

my system normally runs at system 50 degrees cpu 48 degrees (athlon xp).when i do cpu intensive stuff video encoding mp3 ripping the system temp goes up to 60 and cpu up to this to hot ? have 4 case fans and one in pci slot.can anyone recommend really good case fans just running them £1 e buyer ones at the moment.darren

  Forum Editor 18:50 23 Dec 2003

for an Athlon under load - it's fine. Athlon processors are hot runners, and provided you have a thin layer of thermal paste in place between the CPU die and the heat exchanger, and a CPU fan running normally you'll be OK. The type of case fan you use doesn't particularly matter, as long as they run, and the case vents aren't obstructed.

  [DELETED] 20:10 05 Jan 2004

winbond hardware doctor came with abit motherboars no difference in temp when just switched on system always 2 degrees hotter than fans blow in at the front out at back tried several variations this one keeps it coolest.i might seal it up with somemastick and fill it full of water see if that works! only joking.darren

  [DELETED] 16:55 24 Jan 2004

sorry took so long to reply been on holiday.anyway aida comes up with the same tempratures system temp 2 degrees higher than processor.i was thinking maybe because have 4 harddrives 3 optical and 4 pci cards in chieftec scorpiocase.darren

  [DELETED] 17:10 24 Jan 2004

Hi dazzling, something doesn't sound quite right there. The system temp is the one to be concerned about in the sense that it is always so close to the temperature of the CPU, [Even higher at times] should be much lower.

I think it must be due to the fans not shifting the air as they should do. Are you sure they are blowing in the right direction?

Try disconnecting any case fans. Leave only the CPU and PSU fans running and the side of the case off.

This will allow the fan on the CPU to keep it cool and the open case should lower the system temp. As a side benefit, once the sys, temp. comes down, so should the temp. of the CPU.

This test may not bring you down to the best/lowest temps. but it will at least confirm if you have a problem with moving the air about inside your tower unit.

If it does lower the sys. and CPU temp. then you will need to check your arrangement of case fans again. Give it a try and let us know how you get on. j.

  [DELETED] 17:27 24 Jan 2004

yes i have tried that and both tempratures do drop.the fans are setup 2 pulling in at the front 2 out at the back + one of them that vent out the pci slot on the graphics we speak system temp 51 cpu 49 of aida and hardware doctor.i have tried other fan arrangments but this one appears to keep temp at its lowest dont really know what else to do.ive even turn the radiator of in the room.darren

  [DELETED] 17:44 24 Jan 2004

I have even turned the radiator off in the room...

The temps you are getting would make me uneasy.Is the pc near the radiator,if so thats prob why the sys temp is higher than cpu.I have experienced probs with the system fans blowing air AWAY from the cpu fan,switched off the sys fan nearest the cpu fan,and got an instant drop in temp of the cpu of around 10C.I have also made some ducting out of cardboard to ensure the cpu fan was getting cool air from outside the case(temporary measure)this worked quite well,but a rearrangement of all my fans(10 in all)finally got an improvement in system/cpu temps.I now have 3 system fans,one front of case,PCI slot fan,and a third mounted on the back,these all draw air into the case,and I bought a PSU with two fans that draws the hot air out the top of the case.With this arrangement,my CPU runs at 37C(even under full load for hours video editing)and the system temp is 47C(due to the PC sitting against a radiator)and two SATA hdd's that act like heated bricks. :-)

  [DELETED] 18:29 24 Jan 2004

have rearranged fans again and got system temp to within half of a degree of be honest the air coming out of the case is not even warm except for that coming out of the power supply which is warm could it be that the sensor on the motherboard is giving a false reading as to be honest it does not seem like 50 degrees.darren

  [DELETED] 18:31 24 Jan 2004

This is strange darren. I'm no expert on these matters by any means, but still have the feeling that the fans are not set correct. I know you have the front ones pulling in and the rear ones pulling out, and this is the correct way.

When you place your hand near the fans on the rear of the PC is the air coming out, Hot, Warm, or Cold! If the latter, then it might be that the air being pulled into your PC is just passing straight through the left side of the tower unit and being exhausted at the rear.

If the cold air entering your PC is being pulled through on the left side, the board just might be sat in a stagnant area and the only fan pulling heat away from it will be the one in the PSU. This already has enough work to do in keeping the PSU itself cool.

As I mentioned at the start of the post, I'm not expert in these things, but personally I've found the best and lowest cooling of my system is when the rear fan is pushing out slightly warm air. This tells me that the inside temperature is not too high and the fact that warm air is being expelled means the rear fan is doing it's job.

Good luck with finding the best method that suits your system. By the way I sorted mine out over a period of a couple of days by moving the tower unit to my desktop and experimenting with different settings and running at idle and under load, then going into the BIOS to take readings from there every 10 minutes.

Reduced my fans from five that gave me a reading of 30c temp./52c CPU to one fan on the CPU and just the PSU fan at the rear with a reading of 23c temp./46c CPU. j.

  [DELETED] 19:02 24 Jan 2004

".....and cpu up to this to (sic) hot ?"

No, not really, it's OK.

  [DELETED] 15:15 25 Jan 2004

i spent 4 hours messing about with fan configurations and got nowhere in fact with no case fans blowing at all the system and cpu where only 2 degrees i had a look on the abit forum and hey presto this is what i found "Thanks guys, but I think I found my answer. Aparently on my mobo (KD7 series) the system temp on the northbridge is located in a strange position that causes it to read temps higher than they actually are.

I figured air flow was good, because running at full load, my temps would drop to within 1 degree C of idle temp in only about 60 sec."this is exactly my experience so i will accept it and hope things dont go pear shaped.thanks for the help.darren

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