System temp bit too high? any ideas?

  Infamous 23:03 22 Aug 2003

Just wondering if there were any other ways of gettin the heat out of my pc. The temp shows the system at 38-40? is that a bit too hot? and also the case i have is a coolermaster 201. This has 2 intake fans. 2 exchuast fans 1 at the top and 1 at the back. I would have thought this would have been enough too cool the system.

AMD 2100+
Gigabyte kt400
256 x 2 pc2700
tdk cd r
pioneer slot dvd
audigy live drive
wd 120 gig
ati 9000 pro 128 meg
coolerkmaster 201

Any advice would be helpfull

  Jean-Luc Picard 23:19 22 Aug 2003

Your temp is fine, don't worry.

  athenrye 23:21 22 Aug 2003

where did you find the temp
i dint know you could.....
or is it just certain machines?

  hodder 23:25 22 Aug 2003

As Jean-Luc Picard says your temp is absolutely fine, my CPU is an 1600xp+, and this is a normal temp for me! I must add, the only cooling I have is via a Coolermaster heatsink and fan, the PSU fan, and the fan on the Graphics card!!!!

Regards, Bob.

  hodder 23:27 22 Aug 2003


  Infamous 23:29 22 Aug 2003

just got worried a bit because i was askin a mate who got the thermaltake case and his system temps are way low then mine like 25-30. Just got a bit worried.

  imarcus2 23:31 22 Aug 2003

I found a little programme on the CD that came with my Jetway motherboard -- Winbond HWDoctor.

This will give a running commentary on both the system temperature, and more importantly the CPU temperature. Gives no advice on what the limits ought to be though!

  hodder 23:34 22 Aug 2003

There are some progs you can download, but I got my temps from the BIOS. If you look on this site you can find utilities that will monitor your CPU temp!!!!

Regards, Bob.

  hodder 23:38 22 Aug 2003

Sorry, I meant this site

  Infamous 23:39 22 Aug 2003

yeh i got my software with my mobo. shows system and cpu temp

  hodder 23:43 22 Aug 2003


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