System Sounds Stopped Working Suddenly

  mtmega 20:40 17 Apr 2017

Hi One day I found out that when I connect my USB Flash to my laptop there wasn't any sound. Either when I disconnect it. After that I understood that all of my system sounds hav stopped working. No Error sounds and... . For example when you click on volume control bar you should hear a sound but this has gone too. All other sound like in app sounds are working fine. I attach my system sound settings screen shots hear. please help me fix it!

  Archonar 08:55 18 Apr 2017

Does this only happen when you plug a specific usb device in? Or does it happen whenever you plug in any usb?

  mtmega 13:18 18 Apr 2017

it happens whenever I plug in any usb. I said that now I don't have any kind of system sounds.

  Archonar 13:40 18 Apr 2017

Sorry I misunderstood the post, I'm with you now. Do all other sounds work fine? If so try the solutions suggested here: click here

  Sky_wayne 14:15 18 Apr 2017

That link seems very helpful. I also have a problem the same with yours mtmega, same thing when I'm trying to connect my usb and headset.

  mtmega 15:09 18 Apr 2017

All other sounds work correctly except those are relaated to system sound settings shown in above picture

  difarn 16:27 18 Apr 2017

Under the sound tab shown in your diagram above have you tried dropping down the box by Windows Default? Do you have the option Windows Default modified? Can you then scroll down to Notification, then tick play windows start up sound, choose the sound you want played, test, apply, ok.

  MJS WARLORD 18:35 18 Apr 2017

i had all the problems you described straight after the big windows update that was released about a week ago. after a restart i got no sound on anything with either speakers or headphones. if you look at the play back tab on the screen shot you uploaded you might see green ticks on everything. untick them all , go to device manage and right click to uninstall ALL sound drivers , they will reload on restart . now go back to the playback tab and tick 1 of them to see if headphones and speakers work , if it dont wont untick that one and try another.

  MJS WARLORD 21:38 19 Apr 2017

Due to the number of people who have read this sound question I have an update to my answer.... first set your speaker output as shown in the above screen shot , I have the volume set at 50%.

Next go to disable the realtec digital output icon. Right click and enable ONLY the speaker icon in the sounds playback tab and test for sound with speakers.

With the playback panel still open plug in a headset and you should get sound but you wont see the new green ticked icon unless you scroll the tabs down.

Now play sound through your headset.... When you revert back to speakers it will take a few seconds for the tab to re-show the speaker ticked and there will be a short delay before sound comes back through the speakers.

NOTE.... I only had the same problem as the person who posted the original question AFTER the windows 10 creator update.

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