System Slow Down???

  fourjays 21:25 28 Aug 2004

For about a week or so now, my computers have been overheating a bit, so I left one side off as I was advised you should do on work experience. Today I was advised to put the sides back on (in the forums here), which I have done so, and no noticeable change was noticed.

Since this morning, my computer has been running quite slowly when it comes to system care tools. The rest of the PC is fine. The probs are: Disk Defragmenter won't go past 1%, Disk Cleanup gets stuck on 3 bars and wont go any further, and Spybot scans, but gets stuck when fixing the problems, although there is only the DSO. I have always run these 3 things frequently, to keep my comp working well.

Due to these problems, I opened both computers, and cleared all of the dust from the fans, which has reduced the system and CPU temperatures at idle considerably. But those programs still won't do what they should. I can still access the HDD fine, and run other programs at normal speed. The only things I have done since the last time I ran these, is install Trillian, and remove Messenger completely (advice from another PCA thread). Neither of these could have caused this could they?

What could be causing the problem?

  fourjays 23:31 28 Aug 2004

Defragmenter and Spybot now work again. Spybot cleaned it up after leaving it to work for 10 or 20 mins. After that the defrag worked too. But Disk Cleanup still won't work. It gets stuck on 3 bars, with CPU usage at 100% and causing it to get pretty damn hot. When it is doing this, there is no HDD activity either, except the few occasional blinks.

Even if I close the Disk Cleaner, it still leaves the process running, with 100% usage. I have to close it manually via Ctrl+Alt+Del.

I also uninstalled Trillian, and that hasn't helped. Any ideas would be helpful, so I don't have to spend £35 for Microsoft Tech Support.

  VoG II 07:57 29 Aug 2004
  fourjays 11:20 29 Aug 2004

It worked! But what on Earth made it do that????? lol

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