system shuts down and beeps

  pookie 20:18 02 Feb 2009


windows xp sp3.

Pc is several years old and was mixture and new and old parts but has always worked fine for me. It has 3gz cpu and 1 gb ram. Mobo drivers etc are up to date.

since yesterday on boot up it says 'cmos check sum error' and option is press f1 to continue. Pressing f1 boots it up ok but i have to go into date/time to set it correctly.

however, today it shutsdown and then beeps every 2 or 3 seconds. this shutdown happens randomly regardless of what you are working on. Screen comes up as 'no signal'. Only thing to do is power off at wall.

Any ideas or is it not looking good :-(


  birdface 20:24 02 Feb 2009

Was it keeping good time and date.

  skidzy 20:24 02 Feb 2009

Change the CMOS battery (roughly £2)

Battery needed is the cr2032 click here

Several places sell them,Wilkinsons is another.

  pookie 20:28 02 Feb 2009

many thanks for the quick replies. yes, it was keeping good time until the first 'cmos check sum' error messages. Cmos battery - is it just a case of old one out new one in? Do i need to back anything up?

  birdface 20:31 02 Feb 2009

When you go into change the battery give it a good clean and get rid of any dust and fluff especially around the air vents, Psu and Cpu fans.But be careful,I usually use a hoover with a plastic extension nozzle and a fine haired paint brush.

  skidzy 20:34 02 Feb 2009

Backup first...just in case !

The cmos battery will be situated near the bios jumper pins..normally bottom right hand side of the motherboard.

Remove the old battery and wait 10 minutes and replace with the new battery.

  pookie 20:44 02 Feb 2009

thanks guys

i'll order the battery and give it all a good clean

  gazzaho 22:26 02 Feb 2009

Might be a good idea to go into the bios and make a note of all the settings, perhaps take pictures of the different screens with a mobile phone or digital camera. once you remove the battery it may reset your bios and there may be settings you will have to reset after a new battery is inserted.

  pookie 21:32 03 Feb 2009

as an update i got a new battery in sainsburys and everything is fine. it did lose bios settings but i have reset these and all is ok - cheers

  birdface 21:41 03 Feb 2009

Thanks for the feedback.If it is still working Ok to-morrow remember to tick the box and press resolved.

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