system shutdown to fast!!!!!!!!!

  imzy 23:08 11 Aug 2003

I am trying to install the Windows atch they say will solve the shutdown problem everyone is having but I don't get enough time to download it.


  montyburns 23:17 11 Aug 2003

Also check you have a firewall up and running.

Thought I had but I hadn't - now I have and was able to do the download!!

  montyburns 23:19 11 Aug 2003

Hey, I didn't mean to advertise then, I just typed f*rewall and it turned it into a hotlink!!

  imzy 23:21 11 Aug 2003

Done the above suggestion and it seems to be downloading OK.

Fingers crossed.

  DieSse 00:50 12 Aug 2003

See the note at the top on the threads.

  Cesar 09:14 12 Aug 2003

Please Give some information on the Patch that will solve shutdown problems.

  xania 09:32 12 Aug 2003

Sounds to me that you could use a download manager. click here.

  Jester2K II 09:41 12 Aug 2003

but I don't get enough time to download it.

What do you mean?? Does Internet Explorer crash? Any error messages?

The reason i ask is that the is a virus going around knocking out Internet connections and it appears that those who have got it are also having problems getting the virus fixes / patches downlaoded...

Cesar - do you have a problem with shutdown? if so - which version of Windows??

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