System Shutdown

  RPM1975 17:57 06 Dec 2006

I have a problem with above when trying to watch digital photo slideshow or games. I have a pentium d930, 256 GE force 7600GS and Hiper Modular 530 type R. GPU is runnig at a constant 57. CPU runs at 34-37 idle and when I manage to check Everest after shutdown runs up to mid 50s. Is this a PSU or CPU problem. All else runs fine but when I run anything resource hungry, reboot occurs. Any thoughts?

  Diemmess 18:18 06 Dec 2006

Mine own humble box is running at 1-2 % until asked for some new duty.

Run msconfig for starters and see what is there.

Then perhaps you could look at Event Log.
All this assumes there is no long-winded AV or other scan going on at the moment?

  RPM1975 18:58 06 Dec 2006

I dont understand this??

  Diemmess 19:37 06 Dec 2006

My point is that "something" is taking a significant part of the available computing power.
Moving a mouse will take (briefly) take a small lump. Opening a program will take almost 100% but again only for a second or two and then settle back to 1% or thereabouts.

So, I think some program or procedure is hogging your available CPU power, but is never reaching the point where it should settle back to idling while waiting your next instructions.

Finding out what is wrong (your question) is more complicated.

First click on Start, Run, and type- msconfig and Enter.
Click on the Startup tab and see how many items (run at startup) are ticked.
Post back with the number, and look particularly at the last items which are often things which don't need to be running for the moment at all.

I have to go offline until tomorrow, but others may help you by suggesting what you could un-tick, and lead on to the next thing, the Event Log which might point exactly to the cause

  RPM1975 07:03 07 Dec 2006

How will this identify what is making my system reboot

  RPM1975 08:20 07 Dec 2006

Does anyone know how to access the event log.

  Diemmess 09:12 07 Dec 2006

I'm still hoping that someone who really knows will step in and help you!
If your system tries to do too much at once because something isn't loading properly it may well reboot.

Event Viewer:
Start, Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Event Viwer.
Then look at Application Log and also at System Log.

The lists will show all sorts of things with an information icon.
What matters is any that show a yellow "warning" or a red "error"
Make a note of these and their source (on the same line) and post back.

The (earlier)"msconfig" check is a useful way of reducing the number of things at Startup which are unnecessary. Each grabs a slice of your available RAM.

  RPM1975 09:48 07 Dec 2006

Had a look at event viewer and nothing in there that is relevant from yesterday. Also checked MSConfig and although lots of items are checked i have 1gb ram so cant see this as a problem, can I?

  Diemmess 20:27 07 Dec 2006

The msconfig list tells it how it is, but you should seldom need all those listed, and it is just good housekeeping to reduce the number as far as you can.

If you copy and post the list it will be easier for others to guide you in what to un-tick?

If you had not had from the beginning, a CPU which seems to have no resting period running even when the computer is idle at around 35%, I would have been suspicious that the PSU was failing.

My bet is still with some rogue process which cannot complete and is fussing there unseen.

I'm more or less out of other ideas, except you try loading in Safe mode and see if the CPU is still in a tizzy.
If not, then it starts to narrow down the cause

  RPM1975 10:50 08 Dec 2006

Thanks for your help anyway

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