System shut off now unresponsive

  Pault123 19:15 25 Dec 2014

Hey guys, I was playing a game on my system for a fair few hours after my pc had been on for most of the day and then without warning Poof Off it goes, dead as a door nail.

At first I thought it was a power cut / surge but the other systems in the house were fine and unaffected. So I went back upstairs and attempted to switch the system on again, but nothing, no lights, no humm on the fan's... nothing. I took the side board off my pc to see if it had possibly overheated. The PSU was warm but not "Hot" however the back of the motherboard around where the processor is mounted was RED HOT to the touch and the fans and stuff were pretty clogged with dust on the processor fan due to poor maintenance on my part so I've taken it down cleaned it all out with a little pc vacuum cleaner thing (<-- the technical name) So I was a little worried that had caused the processor to overheat.

However it makes sense to test to see if its my PSU first, The downstairs system has a 500W PSU, mines a 680, so I'm wondering is it okay to test the 680 in the 500W system? or will I overload / damage something?

And anyone had this happen to them before or think they know what it is or something worth testing as it's a likely cause?

If it helps, recently when turning the pc on the system starts up but doesn't activate the monitor, keyboard or mouse as if it isn't reaching boot up. But a quick restart seems to fix that and it boots up and works as normal, so I'm not sure if that is an unrelated issue.

Cheers guys, thanks for your time! And a very Merry X-mas to you all! :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:09 25 Dec 2014


  1. fuse in plug

  2. cable not loose where connected to PSU

  3. you will not overload any thing by trying the PSU swaps.

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