system restore....?possible with Win 98se

  end 11:17 13 May 2004

I keep on seeing postings about this System Restore thing. not that I need to (YET!!!), but does win 98se HAVE that "whatever it is" On here and how does it "work?? also, if I needed to , how would I "take a snap-shot" of my system if I got into even MORE "troubles" than I have already "been to and done that"....????thanks...

  dazzling 11:24 13 May 2004

no you dont have system restore on win 98se.i assume by snapshot of your system you mean an image you can can do this with backup programs either sending the image to hard drive prefferably not the one with the o\s on or to cdr or dvd.have a look at drive image 7 or norton ghost.darren

  end 11:35 13 May 2004

well ,theres a problem then as i have neither a workable CDwriter or dvd writer...(and my "problems " with THAT are "another threads worth"....)

  TBH1 11:42 13 May 2004

end - you need a program called GoBack - - -I had this when on w98se, came with my system and got me out of jail more than once - it is software that I would have willingly bought. Can't remember who makes it - - but well worth a look, mate.

  end 11:48 13 May 2004

(!!!correction!! I need a programme called "insanity" which you cannot buy and which goes very nicely with my job and my "exploits" with my computer, including throwing my lap top on the floor.)...

  Chronos 11:49 13 May 2004

I go with TBH1 on this, go-back is worth it's wait in gold, made by Roxio, whenever you make a pigs ear of it, go-back will save the day.

  Chronos 11:51 13 May 2004

should be "weight" :-(

  Zaphod 3 11:57 13 May 2004

My father's system uses 98se and his came with Second Chance. It has got him out of the muck a few times. From click here

  GaT7 12:47 13 May 2004

Yes, as some others have suggested get GoBack (now made by Symantec) - I've used it in the past & it's quite brilliant. Of course, in the end there's NO substitute to a good backup routine.

To get Goback: your cheapest option would be to get it from eBay as part of Norton SystemWorks Pro 2003/2004 - click here=. The Pro verion also has Ghost (a disk imaging utility) which is also a sound way of backing up - you can backup to another partition, another hard disk or to CDs/DVDs (when you do own a CD/DVD writer). Good luck, G

  GaT7 13:53 13 May 2004

Just wanted to add that the GoBack that is part of NSW Pro is the Personal edition, whereas you get the Deluxe edition as a standalone program. Obviously, the Deluxe version has more features.

For the Deluxe version - click here - you may be able to get it cheaper elsewhere.

To learn more about GoBack -click here (or scroll down the page of the Amazon link above).

  johnnyrocker 15:02 13 May 2004

i seem to recall from a previous that one runs something like sfc /scannow/restore and it will bring some previous boot dates which would allow one to choose from a number of good boot points?


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