System restored and temporary profile was made?

  misswhit 17:47 14 Jan 2010

My sony vaio laptop wouldn't turn on and when it finally did it told me to restore it, but that hasnt solved the problem, because when I turned it back on again it still wouldnt load up properly. It then ran this file check and restarted my computer to which i thought the problem had been solved, but no.
My laptop took a while to start then, but took me to my log in page and then to my desktop page, but it said I was on a temporary profile.
Does this mean I have lost all my files and how do I get my profile back.

Any Ideas?

Thank you kate

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:04 14 Jan 2010

What operating system?

  Technotiger 19:10 14 Jan 2010
  misswhit 19:31 14 Jan 2010

Fruitbat my operating system windows vista

Thanks technotiger I'll have a look now, see if i can work it out.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:42 14 Jan 2010

Sounds like you have a corrupt profile

MAke a new profile with a different name from the corrupt one. click here

Copy your files to the new profile, if it won't let you then take ownership of the file click here. then it will copy over.

when you have all your files copied remove the old profile.

  misswhit 20:38 14 Jan 2010

Thanks Fruit Bat I'm in the middle of taking ownershio of my files. Its a bit tedious, but looks like its working hopefully.

Thank you

  misswhit 21:16 14 Jan 2010

I think ive transferred all my personal files, but there's a file called windows, do i need to transfer that or will that automatically be on the laptop?

  Technotiger 21:42 14 Jan 2010

Windows is a Folder containing very many files, without which, your laptop would not work at all. So I would guess it is already on the laptop.

  misswhit 21:48 14 Jan 2010

Thanks Technotiger!

  Technotiger 22:15 14 Jan 2010

You can check to see the Windows folder on the laptop by going to My Computer, then left-click on the main C: drive, you should then see the folder marked WINDOWS, open this folder and you should see loads of files.

  misswhit 12:47 15 Jan 2010

Thanks..sorted and back to normal!

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