System restore XP home not working

  pwill 06:38 16 Nov 2003

More often than not when I try to use system restore, it tells me the system could not be restored to the required point. The XP installation is kept fully updated?

  powerless 06:44 16 Nov 2003

What does SR tell you fully?

Any error codes?

  pwill 07:23 16 Nov 2003

No error codes.
Yes there is a recurring problem... after an hour or two the screen just locks up. A reset usually gets it going again. After a few weeks this does not work for long & I have to back up the whole system to a reliable drive image from May this year! The Xp self reporting is not much use... it just says there is a driver cinflict. I've tried uninstalling drivers, physically removing hardware, checking all components are seated tightly & had it into the local guru for a check & 24 hour test... no problems found?
I could leave it in the un-updated state... but then I've given up!

  pwill 20:36 17 Nov 2003

I think I've solved the system restore problem... disabled it... rebooted & re-enabled... saw it in a previous problem.
As regards the system freezing on me the problem arrises at some stage with updating... can't put my finger on what it happens with. It's more likely to freez on me when I'm online & the more windows & programs open & running. Also I have trouble installing or reinstalling complex apps, eg Coreldraw, MS Office etc... I keep an install of Win ME on another partion for when I get too narked off with XP!
Tried everything & asked all others that know enything but can't get to the bottom of the XP problem???

  pwill 21:12 17 Nov 2003

I've got 512mb ram, AMD Athlon 800mhz, 32mb video card. mainboard is a Jetway pro ATX... quite a good spec 3 years ago when I bought it. Two hard drives, 1 x 20gb with XP & Me on and the other 1 x 40gb with my data on. No viruses on either system... ME is stable but XP recons there is a driver conflict problem? Nothing in system properties... all devices say they are OK... completely baffled me???!!!

  pwill 20:53 19 Nov 2003

Hmmmm... this might be the cause, I fitted a new modem around May time when the problems started. I'll try it with the old one at the weekend. I ghanged it to a new V92 spec which is supposed to be quicker dialing than V90... if anything it's slower! 30+ secs to get online... I think the old one was around 18 secs. Is there any advantage of the V92 other than speed of dialup... which I havn't got anyway?

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