System Restore on XP home edition

  Enoch 05:20 23 Oct 2004

I run XP Home Edition. I am having a problem with "System Restore". If I restore to the latest date, I have no problem, but trying to restore to an earlier date, I get the message "that the PC cannot restore to that date". Any ideas anybody? Is "System Restore" corrupted or is there a simple answer

  Forum Editor 08:53 23 Oct 2004

and there's not always a good reason for it. If you've disabled system restore at any time all the restore points before that will be lost.

  JonnyTub 09:28 23 Oct 2004

As per Fe, most of the time there is no good explanation. The most common factor I could find for bad restore points is:

Sometimes if an improper shutdown happens and a restore is done to a point before the improper shutdown, there is a possibility that such a restore might fail, due to the fact that some file operations might not have been logged properly by System Restore at the time of the improper shutdown.

  rômanab 09:49 23 Oct 2004

I'm sure I read somewhere that in some cases SP2 was deleting all but the most recent restore points, could that be the case?

  Jackcoms 10:21 23 Oct 2004

I installed SP2 7 or 8 weeks ago.

It did NOT corrupt, remove or otherwise interfere with my Restore Points

  Enoch 14:49 23 Oct 2004

Thanks for coming back to me guys. My prior restore points are showing on the programme, therefor they have NOT been lost. The restore points are recognised, but the PC will not restore to them

  taffyal 17:03 23 Oct 2004

As system restore seems to be as useless on my XP as it was on ME, can someone suggest an alternative? I'm loath to spend money after paying a bomb to Bill Gates, but what else is there to do? ( I'd like to restore it to Bill Gates' !!!) Cheers, Al

  Jackcoms 17:33 23 Oct 2004

Re-install XP??

  Enoch 18:00 23 Oct 2004

I used to use "Norton Go-Back" on my prior PC system, (Windows 98) and it did get me out of trouble a few times. It had more options than "System Restore". But as XP came with System Restore, I did not bother on my current PC with the Norton.

On another posting, I was advised to "Turn off System Restore, reboot, then turn it back on. It will get rid of all restore points(including any corrupted ones)". I will try this after doing a complete back-up, but I am now of a mind to purchase the current "Norton Go-Back" as it seems a more professional restore alternative with much more options available, unless I get, from this posting, adverse advice

  Rayuk 18:12 23 Oct 2004

Back everything up then have a go at this
click here

  Enoch 18:41 23 Oct 2004

Rayuk, thanks but wow!!!

I will do as you suggest, slowly and carefully, but before I do, are you sure it is for an amateur like me. I consider myself not a beginner, but I am not down the line of fully experienced in any way. I am rather elderly, but keen.

In light of my last comment and before I try, do you think an amateur could do what you suggest? It looks more for an experienced user

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