System Restore XP

  piltdown 18:10 12 Apr 2006

Can anyone help?
When I create a system restore point everything is o-k except that the restore point vanishes after one month what is the problem ?
My son can go back 3&4 months to a restore point.

  VoG II 18:16 12 Apr 2006

You probably need to increase the sixe of the data store click here

Right click My Computer, Properties, System Restore tab, Settings button.

  piltdown 18:26 12 Apr 2006

Thanks VoG
I have done that before and just re-tried it will not resolve the problem,thanks for your help

  rawprawn 18:27 12 Apr 2006

Do you really need it to go back more than 1 month ??? Think about it !

  Stuartli 19:06 12 Apr 2006

May sound silly, but are your Windows date and time settings correct?

  Stuartli 19:08 12 Apr 2006

Re the System Restore default percentage setting of 12 per cent.

This was established when XP was released and hard drives had very much less storage capacities than today's three-figure drives.

I have a 60GB drive and System Restore is set at around five or six per cent, which is more than ample for the purpose.

Larger drives could well be used with a smaller percentage.

  piltdown 19:10 12 Apr 2006

Thanks,Rawprawn but I wondered why it would not go back further and I still think it should but thanks.
Yes everything is O-K

  piltdown 19:14 12 Apr 2006

Stuartli Thanks for the additional info'

  piltdown 19:20 12 Apr 2006

Its me again have gone thru' all that you kind people have suggested and just been back to the system restore site and and low and behold it now only shows this month April and will not go back further.
My problem still exisits

  VoG II 19:23 12 Apr 2006

If you've increased the size of the store you will need to wait as more restore points are added.

  Stuartli 23:29 12 Apr 2006

Also see:

click here

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