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  jessej 08:24 28 Apr 2003

Hi there, I have a problem with System Restore which I sincerely hope you can solve. It was set in the registry to create a restore point every 12 hours (now I can't find the instructions I followed when I done this) and it was working fine at first. Now, though, it has decided to do its own thing, a restore point is only being created once every 8 days. I have checked all the settings and everything looks fine, it is turned on and there is ample disc space allocated. All I can think of is that the registry setting has altered though I haven't a clue how, the registry is something I steer clear of unless I have very clear and precise instructions in front of me. Until I, hopefully, hear from you I have stuck a note on the computer to remind me to create a restore point manually at least once a day. Many thanks, JesseJ

  Offline 09:45 28 Apr 2003

I don't want to appear to be a pessimist but I don?t find the XP System Restore self made restore points to be the most reliable function around. I find the actual restore process beyond reproach 99% of the time. XP though doesn?t always set restore points when you need them in my experience, this can cause much suffering & tears. I now assume XP doesn?t make any & have got into the habit of setting them myself once a day or so.

  jessej 15:14 28 Apr 2003

System Restore in XP is supposed to create a restore point every day at a time set by itself, which it appears to keep secret. It is, or in my case, was, very handy except that I wanted to set it up for twice a day (every 12 hours). I saw in a magazine how to do it by making a small alteration in the registry, the instructions were followed religously, and everything was hunky dory for a while. Unnoticed by me, afterall you don't check such things unless you need to, I don't anyhow, all of a sudden this month it decided to only create a restore point roughly every 8 days as I said before. Now I can't even find it in the registry at all. I live in hopes that somebody out there knows what has happened and can put me right.

  Offline 17:33 28 Apr 2003

As I said I don't trust XP to set restore points, the problem is if you trust it to do so you only find out when it's too late it might not have been doing the points, enter Win XP Disk. It is well worth doing it by hand just in case, it only takes a few seconds.

  jessej 09:34 29 Apr 2003

OK, thanks for that. I've got a piece of paper at the moment stuck to the monitor to remind me. Since I found out what was happening, or not happening in this case, I have been doing it manually. Looks like I'll have to keep on doing it. Thanks again. Bye, JesseJ.

  temp003 09:54 29 Apr 2003

click here and scroll down to number 9 to see if that's the registry hack you want.

  jessej 14:39 29 Apr 2003

temp003, Thank you very much, that is exactly what I was looking for. JesseJ.

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