System restore will not work.

  Luigimario5000 18:30 12 Jul 2005

How come when I try and open System Restore it asks if i want to continue running scripts on the page. I exit and open system restore again. Now it is just a blank screen. I exit and try again. It comes up with the scripts question again! It continues to do that sequence. Could anyone tell me how to correct this problem?

  woodchip 18:34 12 Jul 2005

If it does not work, You have to turn it off and lose any Restore points it made. Then turn it back on and create a new Restore point

  Luigimario5000 18:35 12 Jul 2005

I have never used system restore, I have not created any system restore points.

  Completealias 18:43 12 Jul 2005

Windows will make system restore point automatically when you install new software or a system checkpoint at a certain ammount of time.

To turn off system restore right click my computer / properties / system restore tab and put a tick in the box turn off system restore. You'll then get a message I think saying this will delete all your restore points ok it, I'd then reboot and re-enable system restore and c if this sorts the problem out

  Luigimario5000 19:20 12 Jul 2005

I do not have a system restore tab in My computer properties

  sattman 19:29 12 Jul 2005

You have to use start/accesories/tools in Windows ME

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