System Restore will not restore

  Eileanbeag 15:17 25 Feb 2006

My friend has a problem with Windows XP in that when she went to use System Restore this morning she found that although it was running it was not enabled yesterday; it appeared to be OK prior to that but a fortnight earlier it had also switched off for a day and then restarted. When she went to use System Restore it reported that it was unable to restore her computer to an earlier time. Can you help?

  Gongoozler 15:29 25 Feb 2006

Does the computer have a serious problem that makes system restore essential, or is it something that can be cured another way?

  Eileanbeag 15:45 25 Feb 2006

No - no serious problem - just wondered why this had happened as System Restore may well be required in the future. Don't want to find that there is aa problem when it is really necessary

  micklemouse 15:46 25 Feb 2006

have you checked to see that System Restore is enabled fully? Go to Start, right click on the My Computer and left click on Properties. The System Properties window will be displayed. Select the System Restore tab and check that the Turn Off System Restore box hasn't been ticked. Also make sure the Disc Usage Space slider is right across to the right to Maximum. I fully expect you're settings are already as I've described but it wouldn't hurt to check,,,

  micklemouse 15:49 25 Feb 2006
  Eileanbeag 15:50 25 Feb 2006

Have checked and all is in order - no problem with settings

  rawprawn 16:17 25 Feb 2006

Start/Run/type sfc /scannow then Enter, you will need your XP CD when it asks for it.

  Eileanbeag 17:13 25 Feb 2006

Tried that but got a message saying "Windows cannot find the file sfc/scannow"

  Gongoozler 17:22 25 Feb 2006

I'm not sure, but rawprawn has a space between sfc and /, whereas Eileanbeag doesn't.

  rawprawn 17:29 25 Feb 2006

Yes watch the space between sfc and /

  Eileanbeag 19:40 25 Feb 2006

Did not notice space. That works on my computer but will have to wait until morning before I can check my firends - who is the one having problems - thanks!

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