System Restore will not complete

  mctrout 19:21 08 Nov 2015

I have tried to use System restore for windows 7. But all that happens is it fails to complete the process & leaves a message saying an unspecified error 0xc0000022. I looked into the error but the drift of the help I got boiled down to reinstalling Windows. Is there a way to get to work system restore without reinstalling Win 7. Thanks Mac

  compumac 20:03 08 Nov 2015

Try a different restore date.

  bumpkin 20:38 08 Nov 2015

System Restore with Win7 I have never found much good. Spent a lot of time researching it but never got it to work properly for any length of time even after a clean install. Basically it is useless and many agree with me. I would suggest that in future you use a different back up system.

You can try the net for suggestions if you have lost anything important but don't raise your hopes too high.

  bumpkin 21:01 08 Nov 2015
  Govan1x 23:55 08 Nov 2015

Try running it in safe mode.

  Bailifei 08:27 09 Nov 2015

don't know why MS provides such a feature but always doesn't work. Like bunpkin suggested, I would recommend you to use some other freeware, such as free easeus todo backup or aomei backup, which works much better in this.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:38 09 Nov 2015

mctrout, start your PC then immediately start tapping the F8 key quickly till you land at the Advanced Boot Options screen. Choose "Repair your computer", follow the prompts and use the System Restore option found here:

That version of System Restore doesn't rely on Windows to work and there's nothing that can interfere with its operation so you'll have a much better chance of success.

Let me know how you get on please.

  julliaa 09:12 12 Nov 2015

I had the same issue with the windows 10 update on a Dell desk top with windows 7 home premium already installed.

I solved the problem by pressing the F8 key about half a dozen times in between the flashes on the screen then turned the computer off - when I restarted the computer I found myself on the restore command screen at which time I chose to restore.

The restore process took about half an hour then restarted at which time the issue had resolved itself.

I spoke to Microsoft tech support who advised not to re download windows 10 until all issues are resolved hence I have disabled automatic updates for the time being.

Hope this helps - it seems that different brands of computers will have different issues.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:28 12 Nov 2015

Let me know how you get on please.

Trout by name, trout by nature ;)

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