System restore using keyboard in Safe Mode

  badgermansix 07:54 21 Aug 2011


My friends mouse is frozen on screen, he has changed the mouse (usb) without succcess. He can startup and get into safe mode. How can he use the keyboard to System Restore. Could someone advice all of the correct keys please?


  gengiscant 08:21 21 Aug 2011

1:Open the Start Menu by pressing the "Windows" key on your keyboard or by pressing the "Ctrl" and "Esc" keys together.

2:Type "system restore" into the search bar. Windows automatically selects the search bar when you open the Start Menu.

3:Press the "Enter" key to open the System Restore application.

4:Navigate the System Restore program by using the "Tab" key to move between buttons and the "Space" or "Enter" key to press buttons.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:00 21 Aug 2011

The quickest way to get to System Restore in XP is to hold down the Windows key and press R. The XP "Run" window should open so type this then press Enter:


To navigate around the System Restore calendar and restore points, you'll need to use the arrow keys.

  birdface 09:07 21 Aug 2011

Or press the the Windows Logo and using the up down arrows on the keyboard also the right -left arrows. click on all programs.And using the up arrow go to accessories.Then system tools.system restore.

Or windows logo.Search.and find System restore that way.

Or if windows 7 press the windows Logo and type in System.Use down arrow to go to System Restore and press enter.

  eedcam 09:55 21 Aug 2011

Rember there is no undo restore point created in safe mode so you cant get back if you want to

  badgermansix 06:58 27 Aug 2011

Thank you for your replies, my friend found his way around the keyboard, but in the end the Mouse ended up in another USB point and it was o.k?

Thanks again.

  badgermansix 06:59 27 Aug 2011

How do you indicate that a problem is "Resolved" now?

  birdface 08:10 27 Aug 2011

Click on the grey tick on the right till it turns green and that's it.

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