System Restore unsuccessful-why?

  Rhubarb 23:27 03 Apr 2006

I tried to use system restore and when the computer rebooted, it said that my computer could not be restored and the settings on my computer had not been changed. Please note the feature is not switched off. Does anyone know why this can happen please?

  skidzy 23:29 03 Apr 2006

Did you have restore points availble ?

  Rhubarb 23:31 03 Apr 2006

Yes there was a system checkpoint for last night. This is where i tried to restore it to.

  Stuartli 23:33 03 Apr 2006

System Restore normally only makes usable points after hardware or software installation or uninstallation.

If there is no benefit i.e. the settings would not be altered then SR makes no changes.

  Rhubarb 23:35 03 Apr 2006

Right, so if no actual software/hardware installations occurred over several weeks, despite there being many system checkpoints, SR would not work?

  SG Atlantis® 23:46 03 Apr 2006

and you can use them. Some of the restore files have been corrupted as yours failed to restore.

The general consensus to fix it is turn restore off. Restart the computer and turn it back on.

That's it.

  SG Atlantis® 23:48 03 Apr 2006

You'll lose all the current restore points, but the most recent wont work anyway.

  Rhubarb 23:49 03 Apr 2006

Ok cheers-will this start me afresh from now if i switch it off?

  Rhubarb 23:50 03 Apr 2006

Ok Thanks

  Stuartli 23:50 03 Apr 2006

The only valid restore points are in bold - I've had the frustrating experience of trying several "restore" points only to have them rejected.

These are the dates in a light type face.

The bold restore points bring up the changes that have been made to the system.

  Rhubarb 23:55 03 Apr 2006

Thanks a lot, the entry I tried for last night was in bold and listed as a system check point but it won't play anyway. It is frustrating!

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