System restore - undo restore point

  Billawa 15:08 30 Jul 2008

I used System Restore a lot when trying to install Win XP SP3. Having now gt the SP installed and the computer working normally, I now find on starting up that system restore puts up a message that it can't complete the restore at point X as requested. This restore point is two days and a number of restore points before I got things working normally again. Options are i)choose another restore point or ii) ndo the restore point.

My query is, if I elect to "undo" the restore point does the computer revert to the state it was in BEFORE that point i.e two days ago, or does the restore point just get deleted? What I would like to do is just delete that restore point so that the computer boots normally. Presumably I could just make another restore point now and then later just restore to this latest one. Is that the solution?

  hiwatt 15:34 30 Jul 2008

you could just turn system restore off then turn it back on again although you will loose all your previous restore points.If your happy that all is well with your computer just do that then create a new manual restore point.

  Clapton is God 15:41 30 Jul 2008

"then create a new manual restore point"

Don't even bother to do that. The action of turning System Restore back on will automatically create a restore point.

  hiwatt 15:51 30 Jul 2008


  €dstowe 15:57 30 Jul 2008

Do not rely on System Restore as your only method of disaster recovery. Quite often it fails either by being unable to complete a restore operation or deleting restore point on its own volition.

Nothing can replace a full system backup.

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