System Restore turning on again.

  rdave13 19:39 21 Dec 2013

This was my last post on the mystery, click here. Running an SSD I don't need system restore running so I disable it. For some reason it enables itself sometimes. Last time it was in April and checking today it was turned on again? Luckily I've set it at the lowest setting of 1%. This has been happening through Win 7, 8 and now 8.1 . Has anyone any idea what program might be causing this? I don't think Windows does this but I checked today, as I created an image of the C drive, and wondered if such a backup program might be the cause?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:52 21 Dec 2013

Possibly windows updates?

  rdave13 20:17 21 Dec 2013

Hello Fruit Bat /\0/\ , I checked for a while, after the last time it switched on, but it was still off after the updates installed. What I haven't checked, especially now SR is down to 1%, is what happens after creating a backup (image). I use Paragon HD Manager 12 and when I need to reinstall an image there are no restore points or windows update history. I don't need to image often (I've only done two since upgrading to 8.1) so I was wondering if that could be the culprit, though, I simply can't see how. Thanks for your reply.

  rdave13 11:22 26 Dec 2013

Found the culprit at last. Running an SSD system my restore is configured to be off and if it is switched on by something then only 1% is set. Today Avast updated its program and actually says on installing that it is creating a system restore point and might take some time. Checked sys restore after update and it was switched on again. So anyone running an SSD and using Avast then check your settings once the AV updates its program. Thanks for your replies here and on the other thread, much appreciated.

  Batch 12:04 26 Dec 2013

Interesting that.

I find a lot of things say "Creating Restore point", but with System Restore turned off (and I mean turned off completely, not just disabled for certain drives), the restore points are never created (and System Restore is not re-enabled). That's always been my experience with WinME, WinXp and Win7 (and including using Avast Free with XP & 7).

  rdave13 12:26 26 Dec 2013

Batch,I agree, with some programs that say they're creating a restore point, nothing happens. Win 8 System protection all drives with SR disabled (only choice). Set disc space to 1 % because of this problem. Puzzled why this doesn't happen for you Batch. Not sure if I should disable Volume shadow copy in services but not sure what that will affect. I don't use any of Microsoft's back up features.

  rdave13 13:01 26 Dec 2013

Volume Shadow copy was on manual and stopped anyway so I've disabled it completely in services. That should work.

  Graphicool1 10:37 27 Dec 2013

Hi rdave13

Glad you got it sorted, but I have the opposite problem. nomatter what I do I can't get 'System restore' to restore. I also use 'Avast' and many other programmes that say they are creating a system restore point. My response is good luck with that, because they never do.

But them as you know all too well, where me and my PC's are concerned...I am the kiss of death. Which is quite odd, if you know that I can fix other peoples PC problems.

Such is Life

  Batch 18:42 27 Dec 2013


A matter of personal choice, I know, but I prefer making frequent complete images of my system partition (which is just OS & pgms) rather than System Restore.

System Restore seems to be so problematical (evidenced by the posts on this forum where people can't recover to a restore point). I've found system images very robust (Acronis with XP and now Macrium with W7) and fast when it is just the OS & pgms.

  Graphicool1 19:42 27 Dec 2013

Hi Batch

Yes, I too make system images, but the reason I started doing so was because my System Restore (SR) wouldn't restore. The reason I thought SR was the better idea of the two was because with SR you don't have to restore the whole thing. You can select just those parts you want to restore.

Still, after I wrote to this thread today, i thought I'd have another look to see why it wouldn't work...

It was turned off, why? Well, apparently you can't use both System image and SR. It's an either or situation.

Sorry for crashing your thread rdave13 But you was sort of finished with it.

  rdave13 19:46 27 Dec 2013

Graphicool1 be my guest .

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