System restore problem win 7

  martd7 17:35 11 Apr 2017

Today my pc has been "jerky" when playing games or video was fine yesterday,i wanted to do a system restore as this seems the only alternative but it cannot complete because it cant gain access to all the files?

On the Microsoft site there a few suggestions turn off Antivirus,Run sfc,ensure shadow volume copy in services is automatic,done all that still no luck


  Govan1x 18:12 11 Apr 2017

Try it in safe mode.

  martd7 18:37 11 Apr 2017

Still same problem

I thought about doing a registry clean using ccleaner, when I had a look through the scheduled tasks and one enabled task I didn't recognise was called "hivecluster\windowsmail\wabmig.exe"

Had a quick google and some say its a virus some say its part of Microsoft Windows Mail which I don't have or use?? Neither Antivirus or Malwarebytes recognises this as a problem

Can I disable it?

  martd7 12:20 12 Apr 2017


I have stopped the scheduled task "users\appdata\roaming\hivecluster\windowsmail\wabmig.exe and the the pc is back to running smooth Anyone any comments? it appears to be a Microsoft file to do with windows mail yet many posts on google say its a virus

  Govan1x 12:31 12 Apr 2017

Looks like it is part of Microsoft's outlook express etc is your email programs still working.

  martd7 13:17 12 Apr 2017

Yes my gmail works fine ,on the Emisoft site this is flagged up as a virus

click here

  martd7 08:44 13 Apr 2017

I'll class this as resolved

  Govan1x 09:26 13 Apr 2017

Flagged on the Emsisoft site.

Probably to get you to buy it maybe.

It also showed this.

Reported Behavior

Details: No suspicious behavior reported so far. So why flag it,

I use Emsisoft and it sometimes flags something is bad so you quarantine it and it comes up as safe. So basically you do not know if you should allow it again or not.

Apart from that it is an excelant program to have on your computer.

  martd7 14:21 13 Apr 2017

yeah I noticed that thx,there was a link from that page to a list of Antivirus programs,hundreds which had also pick it up in different variants

All I know is after disabling that task in the schedule my pc is working now

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