system restore problem

  sunnystaines 13:00 28 Aug 2014

on windows 8.1 had a problem with some figures i entered in error and saved but did not relise the error at the time on an excel doc. done system restore but it has not restored the excel doc it still shows the wrong figures i entered . Is there anyway togo back to an excel doc as it was a week ago please.

  Ian in Northampton 13:31 28 Aug 2014

I think the answer to your question is 'no'. System restore only restores system files etc. to a former state - not user files like Word docs, Excel spreadsheets etc. This gives some additional insight.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:48 28 Aug 2014

"Is there anyway togo back to an excel doc as it was a week ago please."

That useful feature has been available for some time and is called "Previous Versions" in Windows 7. Apparently Windows 8 does things differently and I've not yet had any experience of it so have a read here. Good luck.

Ian, in Windows 7, System Restore also contains the previous versions for personal documents. It can be accessed via the "Previous Versions" tab for individual documents.

  Ian in Northampton 14:16 28 Aug 2014

Thanks S-S. I didn't know that. But - I've just been to a Word document and an Excel spreadsheet, both of which have had several revisions - and both tell me "There are no previous versions of this file". Windows 7/Office 2010. What am I missing?

  Secret-Squirrel 14:29 28 Aug 2014

That's odd Ian as it should work. Is System Restore enabled, and if it is, was it enabled when you re-saved those documents? Have you perhaps used "Disk Cleanup" or another utility that has the ability to delete restore points?

  sunnystaines 15:22 28 Aug 2014

i am using office 2003. not used system restore for many years maybe well back in xp days or w98 I am sure office docs were turned back too as i remember having to re update them.

some programs have gone back to earlier versions, norton is messed up & chrome had to be deleted and reinstalled to work, but office docs not touched at all in the restore.

  bumpkin 16:23 28 Aug 2014

System restore as it's name suggests restores only the system files not documents.

  sunnystaines 16:28 28 Aug 2014

bumkin looks that way thanks, i had for some daft reason thought system restore was a snapshot well learnt the hard hard way.

looking like a possible reinstall of norton although working can get rid of the red X instead of a green tick.

gave up a regular image with 3rd party software with too,many problems perhapsw9 will be better for backing up

  Secret-Squirrel 16:33 28 Aug 2014

Sunny, Bumpkin's right, System Restore doesn't affect personal documents ...........and it never has done.

How did you get on with my link? I've since had time to try it out and it does work. If your Excel file is on your C: drive then scroll down to the "Recovery" section and follow the instructions.

  Ian in Northampton 16:36 28 Aug 2014

S-S: yep, System Restore is turned on and has been ever since I got this PC a few years ago. Nope, haven't used any esoteric utilities either... Strange indeed. Oh well. What you've never had, you'll never miss.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:51 28 Aug 2014

Ian, because older restore points are constantly being deleted to make room for new ones, perhaps those containing the previous versions of your files were deleted. Just a guess really. You could always experiment with an Office file or photo to check it works.

Let's hope Sunny has more luck with Windows 8 and my previous suggestions. It worked for me when I tested it earlier.

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